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  1. Introduce Yourself to the Community
    First ATV. Love all the post. Lots of knowledge out there. You have to crawl before you can run
  2. Ice Management
    I have product and currently have access to many different items. Anyone in the area needing anything please feel free to call me. Posey County Coop 812-838-4468 Ask for Jon
  3. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    We just purchased two used stainless steel brine makers, model BT600. We will be keeping one and selling the other. I'm not sure where we will be at yet with the pricing on the unit until we have it in our possession. I am just trying to see who might be interested. I will post pictures as I...
  4. Ice Management
    We have landed a Customer to purchase Calcium Chloride Pellets - 500 / 50 lb Bags. Thing is - unless we receive a response here - we will be 200 Bags over (to obtain the best price and delivered from the supplier - to Cleveland, Ohio) This is a name brand product / This product meets ASTM...
  5. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    This is a Anti-icing De-icing Calcium Chloride Liquid Salt Brine 3 Point Sprayer. I custom built this sprayer with anti-icing and de-icing as it's primary purpose. There are no hard to get specialty parts or fittings used when I put this unit together. Should you ever need to make repairs, all...
  6. Ice Management
    Just wanted to say thanks to all the posts on this Forum with great info on liquid application. i put this together with a 7 gpm 12 volt pump, strainer, solinoid valve, and a remote wireless control. I added a 25 foot hose and hand sprayer that works great for sidewalks and steps. I made it...
  7. Ice Management
    Hey Guys I am interested in hearing what you guys are getting for salting and calcium chloride. I have a tailgate spreader and i am bidding residential and commercial jobs. How much do you charge by the lbs for each? Do you charge for delivery or just the per lbs price? Do you charge a...
1-7 of 14 Results