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  1. Ice Management
    Hey all -- I've taken on a 120,000+ square foot lot this season and need to stock up on salt. Where do you find the best rates? Exploring both bag and bulk options. Not sure I can afford anything other than rock salt. Willing to travel for it. Thanks!
  2. Ice Management
    I have product and currently have access to many different items. Anyone in the area needing anything please feel free to call me. Posey County Coop 812-838-4468 Ask for Jon
  3. Ice Management
    Hey guys, Looking to get some bulk salt and pallets of calcium chloride in stock. Any suppliers out there have inventory or pricing me or post thanks ussmileyflag
  4. Ice Management
    I ordered bulk salt last week for our storm this weekend 10tons Del $967.00 this stuff was junk 70% sand 30% salt lots of mud and rocks also.I run a snowex 7550 and this **** was so wet and full of trash it was almost worthless. I need help finding good bulk looking to have 20tons dropped this...
  5. Networking
    Does anyone have any contacts for me to load up with salt this season? I don't have any storage or equipment to load. I just want to load up and leave. I am in the NWI or south Chicago area. Thanks:
1-5 of 9 Results