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  1. Ice Management
    Looking for a better deal on salt this year Allentown and Bethlehem area of anyone has a few recommendations I just found horwith they have 85 and green is 95 per ton I’m just not sure how they are during storms ect!! Just looking for other options throughout the area possibly to save travel...
  2. Ice Management
    Hello! I came across the forum when looking into buying bulk salt (found this thread: This forum seems like a great source of information! Is there a thread discussing where everyone goes to buy salt in bulk? I searched around with...
  3. Ice Management
    im asking for a opinion I have a pretty big commercial lot I plow. And the owner wants me to salt his property should I use bulk salt or per bag invest into a snowe, boss salt spreader or buy a big one to use by the ton I’m located in Iowa (new to the snow removal business’s
  4. Ice Management
    High quality bulk salt available for pickup (Philadelphia area)starting at $72.30/ton or DE area starting at $70.72/ton- also available for delivery directly to your location. *this price is for untreated bulk, we also have treated bulk (pricing upon request) We service PA, DE, NJ We also...
  5. Ice Management
    GREEN MELT Melts faster/works longer/use less/environmentally preferred/safer for concrete/magnesium chloride with organic compounds order and delivery 24/7 All of RI $83 Worcester MA $83 Boston MA $88 Westfield MA $88 Plainfield CT $87 East Hartford $94 Brattleboro VT $98 Merrimack NH $88...
  6. Ice Management
    Looking to pretreat some of our bulk salt with beet juice and/or other stuff this year. Looking for some ideas/ methods that you guys use, also pictures and videos would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ice Management
    i have a boss vbx8000 spreader that i use. We were using it primarily for our salt/sand mix for a few of our commercial lots and our private roads. our commercial accounts have asked for salt this year and i have done some checking on different areas but can not get a place that will sell less...
  8. Ice Management
    Midwest Salt has bulk salt on the ground ready for immediate delivery out of Chicago, IL. Please send us an email with your needs to [email protected] No order is too large.
  9. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    We just purchased two used stainless steel brine makers, model BT600. We will be keeping one and selling the other. I'm not sure where we will be at yet with the pricing on the unit until we have it in our possession. I am just trying to see who might be interested. I will post pictures as I...
  10. Ice Management
    Hey all you salt brokers, dealers, pimps etc, I need a hundred tons, help a guy out, thanks. Lansing, MI $$ 517 712 6178
  11. Ice Management
    Kind of desperate right now - our supplier is not selling anymore to commercial guys. Oceanport has salt but only selling to current clients. Had a lead on some salt in Delaware but no word yet. Any thoughts, anyone? Looking for minimum of 25 tons but hoping for at least 50 tons.
  12. Ice Management
    Hello, We are offering pre-season pricing for Bulk Salt. If you have a need for road salt for this upcoming season, please email us your contact information and address for delivery, and we will provide you with a quote. We will match or beat any proven price. We have salt in Detroit and Chicago...
  13. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    These shipping boxes work great for portable salt bins. You can roll the inside with roofing tar for about $50 and it will preserve them for a long time. Great to keep the city/neighbors off your back because you dont have an exposed salt bin. I have 3 storage boxes for sale, great for...
  14. Ice Management
    Hello, Sorry to bring up a topic that has probably been discussed more often than not. I have a TGS05 spreader and ran some bulk last year and didnt have a whole lot of issues, but i was wondering everyone elses opinon on the situation. I bought a vibrator kit for it this year in hopes that...
  15. Ice Management
    This is the first year I will be having bulk salt stored on my property. I am not having a building built so thus I need to tarp it up. For those of you whom do so already what tarp(s) are best to use to keep all snow/rain/moisture from penetrating through to the salt? What brand? Any...
1-15 of 35 Results