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  1. Commercial Snow Removal
    Hello Guys, A friend of mine bought a used plow without snowplow lights. We were thinking of adding LED aftermarket snowplow headlights and connecting them to the battery (to be turned ON/OFF via switch), to avoid any additional expense for light adapter harnesses. We are not planning to turn...
  2. ATV / UTV Snow Removal
    It's time for a new battery on a JD Gator 625i with a dump bed. I'm running a Boss Power V Xt. Of course there are headlights, but also a strobe, front and back LED lights on the roof, and a cab heater. Would like your thoughts on a suitable battery to run these accessories in cold weather...
  3. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Currently have 1 diehard platinum battery in my truck, one mechanic told me to add another battery, and another mechanic told me I should be ok with 1. I have a 2010 gmc sierra 1500 with a hiniker
  4. Commercial Snow Removal
    Does anyone use solar power for equipment left on site? One of my new lots does not have a place that I can plug in my loader. I would like to keep a battery tender and the block heater plugged in. I was thinking solar might be the answer? Any ideas??? :confused:
  5. Ford Trucks
    (Unsure if this is relevant) Today I replaced the windshield wiper motor. I had to splice the ground. I removed the battery from the truck. Plugged everything back in - wipers worked, truck had power. I went to start it and it wouldn't even turn over or click - no sound at all. No change when I...
  6. Western Plows Discussion
    So I have my 91 Bronco with a 7.6 pre- unimount Western and newer western spreader. The truck has a nearly brand new alternator and battery.It will not hold a charge. I'm going to rip the thing apart Friday, but in the mean time, I was wondering if there are some common places in the plow...
  7. Ford Trucks
    I have a 1999 ford f250 super duty gasoline. Can someone please help me find the air box relocation kit to add dual batteries like the diesel f250. If anyone can send me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Damon PropertyTech, LLC
  8. Chevy Trucks
    Hi Guys, I have a 03 chevy silverado 2500HD diesel with dual batteries and heavy duty alt. The truck is stock with two 710 amp batteries. I have a 7.6 ft western pro-plow and was wondering what size batteries most people are using. I am thinking 850 minimum as I don't think the 710 will do...
  9. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    Hello, I have a 1998 Chevy 1500 4x4 with a 2005 7'6" Fisher MM2 LD plow. My battery is less than 1 year old and the connections are corrosion free. When the plow is connected and not driven for 24 hours or more, the battery goes dead and I need to jumpstart it. Always starts right up with a...
1-9 of 9 Results