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  1. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Good am, I just bought a Back Drag for my SnowDogg MD 75 Plow. I see the concept of removing all the bolts and attaching it to the back of plow. It has slots with play in it, so I'm only guessing you put the back drag edge even with the pavement? is this correct? Also I am having a hard time...
  2. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Hey Folks, Western MVP Plus 9.5, have the factory backdrag edge. Frankly.... its crap. Always jammed with snow etc. I've been to and every other googleable manufacturer but can find nothing aftermarket for the MVP Plus 9.5. Im in Stratford Ontario area, London, Kitchener...
  3. Boss Plows Discussion
    my driver side wing folds forwards when I back drag and makes it hard to clean close to things. what should I look for and what do I need to make my rt3 boss v plow do back dragging correctly
  4. Business Fundamentals
    I recently acquired an additional 30 plowing customers which brings me to a total of roughly 53 customers. I have a fairly tight route within 6 kilometres (Canadian)tymusic and all of which are residential single or double car city lots. I'm looking into a backup truck now as this is my second...
  5. Western Plows Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum since last winter and have found it of great value for answering newbie questions. This is my first post, so here it goes. I am buying a new new cutting edge for my 7.6 pro plow and was thinking about getting Western back drag edge as well. I have...
  6. Boss Plows Discussion
    I bought a new Chevy 2500 HD and I want to put a Boss V blade on it. I do commercial for most of my work but also have several driveways (15 to 30). Can you back drag with the V Blade? Do you have to buy the locking Cylinders? I am use to a Meyers C8 - Will it back drag as good? Thanks
1-6 of 7 Results