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  1. Employment
    I have a F250 with a 10ft Blizzard ready to go for this weekend. It's looking like we should get hit with 6-18 (I'm hoping for the higher). Looking for some comercial work in Southeast PA, Northeast PA or NJ. Will be available at any point and from the entire storm. I have 5 years experience...
  2. Employment
    I'm looking for work in and around the Lehigh Valley and Pocono area of PA. I'm based outside Allentown and have a 2002 F250 w/10ft Blizzard. Experienced in both residential, and, large & small commercial. I'm registered with the state of PA and carry my own insurance throughout the plow...
  3. Employment
    I'm in search of some work, residential or commercial, in and around the Lehigh Valley PA Area. Have access to a crew of 5 trucks and 2 v-box salters for larger site's. Looking to lock something in early for next season. Matt Jersey Contracting - 610 216 8115 Ford F250 w/10ft Blizzard
1-3 of 3 Results