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  1. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    The Dodge RAM 2500 is a year round workhorse. Powered by a 5.7 L Hemi gasoline engine and 6 speed HD transmission this truck is ready haul your biggest workloads and plow the toughest, deepest snow that Nature can throw at you. It has the power to pull loaded trailers up to 20,000 in weight...
  2. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I have a 99 Silverado 2500. Newer body style 6.0 and I'm looking for a set of fisher push plates part number 7161 or 7169. Thanks
  3. Truck & Equipment Repair
    I have an 04 silverado 2500 (non HD), 4x4, 6.0L, auto trannt set up with a fisher minute mount. The tranny just started slipping and I dont want to use stop slip additive and risk completely loosing it during a storm. Im looking to get a rebuilt unit and put it in, but im not sure if exactly...
  4. Chevy Trucks
    First time to post and new to site. I have a 2016 2500 High Country. I want to put a fisher xtremeV 8.5 on it. I went by the local dealer to ask a few questions. I am being a little picky with how the set up will look on the truck. They showed me a few customers trucks in the lot that they have...
  5. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Looking to sell a full set of Timbren rubber helper springs. I have the set for the front and rear axle. They are 3 years old and in good shape, helped my truck greatly with the extra weight. I am willing to split the shipping cost, since I moved to Florida and no one can pick them up. I am...
  6. Truck & Equipment Repair
    I bought a Blizzard 760LT and I want to put it on my 2000 Dodge Ram 2500. Can I use a mount from a HD plow and use it on the LT? Will they fit? They don't make a mount for the LT to the 2500 Dodge Ram. Advice? Anyone have a plow to trade? Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.
  7. Truck & Equipment Repair
    hi guys i have a question, will a plow from a 1987 chevy 1500 and or a 2500 fit on a 1988 chevy R30 dually dump truck 2x4...i know 2x4
  8. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I have a 2005 Chevy 2500 3/4 ton Duramax Diesel for sale. It's a crew cab short bed with the LT package. It's black in color with tan leather and every option available including steering wheel radio controls, 6 disc cd changer, on star, and a Bose sound system. It has the LLY duramax with...
  9. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I'm looking for a Northman 2500 series plow set up. I do not need a vehicle mount or vehicle wiring since we already have a truck set-up for a 2500 series plow. Anybody have a 2500 they no longer want? I'll pay CASH please contact me at [email protected]
  10. Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures
    does anyone have pics of the 2010 dodge ram:D. wanted. dont say search i tried it.:guns:
  11. Chevy Trucks
    I have a 1995 Gmc 2500 with 8600 # GVW and it is 2wd with a 5.7 V8 I recently bought an 8 foot Henderson v-box spreader. I was wondering what needed to be done to this truck so it could handle this kind of load. Ive been told i need helper springs with at least 10 ply tires. Any information...
  12. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Wanted!! Western Ultra Mount for a 01 Dodge 2500. I need this now so if you know anyone who might have one please let me know. Thanks!
  13. Chevy Trucks
    I am going to be replacing the intake gasket on my 2000 2500 with the 6.0 V8. I was wondering if there is anything I should look out for, or any tips anyone can give on how to make the install quicker/easier. Any input would be much appreciated.
  14. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    My 2000 Siverado 2500 is a not an HD version, not many of these 2500's out there, I have the 6.0 liter engine, the plow really pulls down the front end, I do not want to install Tiimbrens, really do not want to crank up the torsion bars, can I upgrade the Torsion bars. I do not use a ballast...
1-14 of 15 Results