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    Billing time

    Well we did the work, kept up to the challenge very well. Now its time to collect, here comes the fun,the per push reidentials are not used to eleven plows in december. My worst year here was 21 plows. then comes the brutal fact that the contracts i signed for 21 estimated will possibly go...
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    whats news on fellow snow plower

    Havent heard from slimjimz71 lately how is he doing. Merry Christmas to all and hope we all get the white stuff at the right time so we can enjoy it all. get well slim jim z71.. jammin
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    Whats up

    Has anyone heard any news lately or can slimjimz71 reply as to his condition. hope he is alright as we come into the holiday.Gonna get some snow here cleveland way today hope it comes late so as to get family party in first. get well slimjimz71....jammin