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    Bulk Salt in NJ

    Trying to find a better price than what I am paying now. I was just wondering what everyone pays per ton delivered. We are looking to get about 75 tons.. Just wondering who I should call. Thanks
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    engine blew on swenson

    broke out the spreaders today started getting them ready.. on one of our SS Swenson spreaders with the 8.5 briggs and sucking fired it up withing 15 seconds the engine seized, had oil and everything... oh well. we have a new 10.5 briggs at the shop. does anyone know if we can put a 10.5 briggs...
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    looking for a plow or mount for an 86 Chevy Full ton

    looking for a plow for an 86 Chevy Full ton, preferably a Western. or even a uni mount truck side bracket. Thanks
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    Marketing Programs

    What do your marketing programs consist of cold calling/faxing, print ads, word of mouth? For the past few years about 75% of our work has been being a sub contractor. I would like to get some more of our own work. Just curious how some of you guys attract new commercial clients. Thanks
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    Just bought an '86 C-30 Rack..

    I Just bought an '86 C-30 Rack Body truck... I practically stole the thing.. I just ordered a new spreader, so I am gonna put my old one in for extra weight.. It is a 2wd, standard trans. truck. I was just wondering what size Western blade you guys think I could get away with? Thanks
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    fuso parts

    Hello, i found a 1987 mitsubishi fuso that was bought in 1993. Its got 18,000 original miles... It was used on a golf course. My mechanic looked at it, he said it is mechanically perfect. It looks like it was in a demo derby though.. needs new doors and a grille.. Does anyone know where i can...
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    found this on ebay this morning..
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    New mirrors for one of our mason dumps

    We have a 1997 Superduty, older bodystyle, while one of our trucks were parked someone clipped one of our mirrors and took it off. The truck is gonna get repainted in two weeks, I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations or sites where I can buy new mirrors? thanks
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    Anyone own a Bradford Spreader?

    A friend of mine knows someone who has a used bradford spreader, it seems to be in pretty good shape. Anyone own one or know if they are good? thanks
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    looking to have a plow installed in NJ

    Very Last Minute, we just bought another truck, and we have a plow for it already but we need to get it installed. Does anyone know anyone in NJ that would be able to install it asap. I am sure I am in the same boat as many others, but maybe you have a local shop that isn't to busy. Let me know...
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    looking for mounts for western uni mounts

    Hello, We are looking for mounts for a uni mount western plows for a 2002 Ford F250 2000 GMC 3500, older bodystyle like the 93-98's. If you have one or all for sale please e-mail me and let me know what you would like to get for them. Also I need a price on shipping as well to Ocean...
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    lettering stakes?

    Can anyone think about the cons to lettering the stakes we mark out sites with. We wooden stakes, my guys were painting the tops the other day for increased visibility and I though if I had a stencil made and then painted my company name over them it might stop them from getting stolen a bit...
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    Marking lots

    I was reading previous posts on marking commercial lots,drives, etc. I had just one question, does anyone charge any of their clients to stake out the lots? Or is it included in the price. If so how do you charge them? thanks
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    plowing with an Expedition?

    I was just tossing around the thought of putting a plow on my Expedition. Does anyone plow with an Expedition. Just curious what size blade you have on it, and how does it work? I have a 2001 Eddie Bauer, it also has the load leveling suspension package, so the front sagging wouldn't be a...
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    Anyone looking for additional subs in NJ

    We have a few extra trucks and equipment we are looking for work for. If anyone is looking for another subcontractor please e-mail me. Thanks
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    hourly pay for your employees

    Just wondering what some you guys pay your hourly driver/laborers/operators while doing snow removal work? thanks
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    US Maintenance? ne1 done work with them

    I was recently approached by U. S. Maintenance, apparently they have the snow plowing contract for all of the Rite-Aid pharmacies in New Jersey. Just wondering if anyone has done any work with them, and if they pay. Thanks joe
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    Any NJ plowers, i have a few questions for you

    This coming winter we are going to start offering plowing services. We have been in the lawn maintenance business for around 10 years now and have never plowed. Most of my guys do have plow experience. But I don't know how to price. How do most of you guys from NJ price, and what does that...
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    why am i getting bad gas mileage

    i have a 2000 gmc 3500. 5.7l, auto, 4x4, 4.10 rears. i average 9 to 10 gallons around town. i am not heavy on the pedal at all.i talk to other guys and they get 12 to 13 around town with the same truck. why is my truck doing so bad. i have 14,000 miles on it. thanks joe
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    snow blower attachment for a grasshopper

    has anyone used one of those snow blower attachments for a grasshopper. or am i better off just to go get another snowblower? thanks joe