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    Equipment & salt storage-Harrisburg, PA

    We are looking for a secure lot to stage trucks, equipment & salt for the 2021-2022 season. The ideal location would have covered storage for salt and gated access. Must be in zip codes 17111 or 17113.
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    Looking back at the 2020-2021 season

    It looks like the season in PA is a wrap. I know people here don't normally like to talk actual numbers, but here it goes. The season gave us 61 inches about 20% more than normal and about 36 more than last year. Our five largest clients accounted for 63% of total revenue and our payroll cost...
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    Pa State Contracts

    Yeah, no luck with the fees, We will have to build them into next years pricing just case.
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    Pa State Contracts

    Of course.
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    Pa State Contracts

    We got a call about our CareerLink site from the Commonwealth of PA accounts payable department requesting to make payment of the outstanding invoices by credit card. They are paid in full. Hope the original poster got the same call.
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    Conveyor or Auger

    Auger is better IF you clean them every time after you use it. Augers are very unforgiving if you leave salt in overnight. Less moving parts, less mess in the box of the truck. We have snow ex units (auger) and western units (chain) The two items listed are our observations,.
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    Feedback on where to post job ads, and where is a good source for potential new hires?

    Our experience is that Facebook is a waste of time for employees. The site has some good uses but employment isn't one of them.
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    9.5 western V plow

    We bought a used truck with a 9.5 western V plow, when you angle it left or right, the plow moldboard hits the end of the angle cylinder. Unless I'm missing something there is always about 1-2 inches of chrome piston exposed when the blade is fully angled. It looks like the hydraulic cylinder...
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    Need some serious advice please

    We like the Western striker as an alternative to the Tornado. Similar in operation, but we don't have to mess around with lids, and the stainless steel bodies will last a long time. Only downside, is the amount of salt that gets left in the bed of the truck from the chain.
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    Snowed Vmax 8500

    The only issue I can see is the connectors from the wiring harness to the motor, they look corroded and the crimp connection could be cleaner. I would replace the connectors with new ones and if possible solder them in. They also make a baffle extension , snow ex part #D 6847, that is normally...
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    Snowed Vmax 8500

    Please post some pictures of the auger, the inverted V, the baffle, if installed, and the motor. Like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.
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    Snowed Vmax 8500

    Too much weight on the auger, if the discharge baffle isn't installed get one. Snow ex part number D6807. It will limit the amount of material in direct contact with the auger. Also, don't use any motor less than 1/2 HP, if you can use a 3/4 HP motor. The 3/4 Hp motor is used on the 9300 series...
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    Accident in Employers vehicle (sorry if long read im new)

    Had an employee do that a few years ago. The truck that was hit still has the dents in it.
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    Fisher Minute mount controller issues

    You were correct, the connections were clean, but the post itself was corroded. Thanks
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    Fisher Minute mount controller issues

    When you turn on the controller we have power, as soon as you hit any function, except lower the controller loses power. There is a slight click sound from the solenoid. First thought was a bad motor, we couldn't get the motor to spin even when applying voltage directly to the positive and...
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    Back at it one year later with the same old beater

    I still run some older trucks but after spending a few thousand a month to keep the older ones going, I have decided a monthly payment is better than a repair bill. At least when you make a payment, you're driving something you can take anywhere.
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    I need a vibrator...

    Any 200lb version would be fine. Amazon has one as a replacement for the snowex D6515 for 89.99. The bolt pattern is universal. If one isn't enough you can add a second, some the snowex spreaders have two.
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    Commercial Insurance went up again!

    Then they wonder why you can't plow their lot for $50.00.
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    North eastern PA

    PM me. We may need a sub for townhouse complex in Duryea. Complex streets and homeowner driveways and walks.
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    Problems with rocker switch

    Try running a ground to the light directly from the battery in place of a grounding wire on the frame. If you have 12v then, the issue is a ground problem.