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    Fisher is better than Western, have proof!!

    Last Thursday we got about 4 inches of snow, then it warmed up and made a big wet heavy mess. It was going to get to 60 degrees the next day (Rochester, NY weather, go figure, 20 degrees in the morning, 60 in the afternoon), so I wasn't worried about plowing, because the rain was washing away...
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    Western? Fisher? M eyer?

    I bought my Fisher 7.5 from Tim at Thruway Spring. I have 30 driveways, 1 private drive, and a lot in the city and my whole route including driving time, doesn't take any more than 3 1/2 hours. I love the Fisher, plowed for a while using Western, but I switched to Fisher. I think they scrape...
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    Trucks ????

    I also agree, I love my truck and the bonus side is that it can plow. I can make some extra money and drive a brand new truck. My truck was $33,000 and I haven't had one problem yet. As far as older trucks, I know several, no wait, tons of guys that went the old truck route, also these were...
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    Anyone plow yet with a new Chevy HD?

    Mike, I'm sorry, I meant that the total package with Allison and 8.1 was $3000, and the diesel with the Allison was a total of $6000. That 454 sounds like an animal. Where in Rochester are you located? I am up in North Greece near Hilton. Patrick has the truck I want, but without leather...
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    Anyone plow yet with a new Chevy HD?

    I am looking to buy a 2001 Chevy 2500 HD with the 6.0 V8 (that 8.1 with the Allison is almost $3000, and the diesel is $6000-too rich for my blood) with the 4-speed auto. Truck will be a ext. cab with plow prep, extra battery, tanny cooler, LT package. They have one at one of the dealerships...
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    Nutcase: the bullets almost flew, police called

    Sometimes these people don't understand, that no matter how careful we are in moving snow and building piles, that sometimes there grass is going to be chewed up a bit. Just the nature of the beast. I had one guy across the street from a customer of mine yell at me for plowing too early. My...
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    Question about 1500's

    I am only leasing the truck for three years, and the first year I had it, I didn't plow with it. So it is only being plowed with for the next two years, then I am getting a 2500 HD. But it shouldn't break within two years right??
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    Question about 1500's

    I have a 2000 Z71 I am plowing with, I have a brand new 7.5 Fisher. Are the 3/4 tons really that much better to plow with than a 1/2 ton? My friends have F-350's, and Dodge 3/4, I help them out with some big parking lots, I plow just as much snow as they do with no problems. I mainly do...