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    Raising headlights on wideout XL

    Does any know if they make a kit to raise headlights on the new wideout xl? With the plow raised it covers headlights. If you lower plow it scraps on turns and bounces too much.
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    Any tips for install

    just picked up a 8.6 mvp blade to install on my 2013 Ram 3500. Any tips for an install on 2013 Ram 3500 truck? Where to pick up power from?
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    2001 Bobcat 873 with pusher $12,500

    2001 873 Bobcat 2100 hours brand new tires heated cab with 6' pusher n 6' bucket 12,500.00
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    LED color question

    I want to install LED Hideway in my tail lights of an 03 GMC 2500. I was going to put them in the yellow turn signal part. The question is, do i put amber leds or clear leds? What is going to be brighter? Same as red, do you put red behind red or clear behind red?
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    Has anyone bought a striker yet? I just bought one, looking for accessories and no one seems to have any accessories or information on them
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    Anyone else on here deal with chemlabs for salt?

    I know I posted something in another thread about inconsistency, but once again I got another load from Chemlabs and this is what this load looks like. I am probably going to lose about 6 tons of salt from this load. Does anyone else on here deal with them and have been having problems like...
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    Salt inconsistency?

    Received a second load of salt last week and it appears to have rather large chunks in it. I have been doing this for approx 10 years and haven't seen a load like this. Couple chunks were the size of baseballs. I'm afraid to spread to close to cars for fear they might get dented. Does this...
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    Help with wiring spotlight on spreader

    I have a gas vbox spreader that I am trying to add a spot light to. I am trying to avoid running a wire to the cab. Basically when spreaders on i would like the light on. I tried to hook light to charging wire but it keeps blowing the bulbs out on the lights. Does anyone know how to hook up...
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    Buyers salt spreader and Mill Supply

    Anyone have a issue ordering a buyers salt spreader? I ordered one 5 weeks ago and still have not recieved the spreader. It was a 8ft carbon steel with extended chute. No one can give me an answer to when it will be shipped. Wanna just call and cancel order but dont know if its actually...
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    Angelos plow parts

    Has anyone else noticed angelos prices seem higher than usual this year? I've ordered spreaders and parts from them for years, but this year, their prices seem to have skyrocketed. I thought they had a typo on a spreader and when I called, they said no, the price is correct. Crazy
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    trans issue

    Guy that plows for me has 02 chevy 2500 gasser. His truck is throwing a t0300 code. While driving around town the truck is fine, shifts normal. If he takes it on the parkway and gets up to 70-75, it will pop out of overdrive and then throw the check engine code. Its almost as if the torque...
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    90 Dodge 250

    I have a 90 dodge 250. Has typical Dodge rust. Its in decent shape. Comes with a meyers e 47 setup, minus the blade. Pump works good, truck runs good. We havent used it this year at all but during last years blizzards this truck did not give me any problems and did not break down on me one...
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    snowex 1875 spreader or for parts $500.00

    I have a snowex 1875 spreader. Its complete and works. We upgraded to vbox spreaders. The spreader worked great when we removed last year. Comes with controller and also comes with a diagnostic tester that we got from snowex when we were a dealer. The only thing that was change is we set it...
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    hooking up speader light

    I need to hook up a spreader light to buyers vbox. I hooked it up to the white while on spreader harness but it keeps blowing lights. Anyone know which wire too hook up to, I don't want to run a seperate wire.
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    Bobcat MT52 my brother is selling this
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    This drives me nuts

    We do a chain of gas stations. It absolutely drives me nuts when you a whole area all nice and cleaned off and here comes joe homeowner in to get gas and milk. After he goes into the store, he has to come out and clean his car off in the parking spot. Not just windows, the whole entire...
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    Western ulrtamount slowly leaks down

    My buddy has a western ultramount pro that slowly leaks down while sitting. We changed lifted cylinder and now it only leaks down an 1/8". After installing cylinder, put in new fluid and its full, bleed system properlly. The pump does not lose fluid.g Any thoughts?
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    Anyone looking for calcium in the Ocean County NJ area

    I have a couple extra pallets if pelladow that I ordered to get truckload pricing. I will sell pallets for $12.25 a bag. There are 56 bags on a pallet. 50 lb bags
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    help with a clean look

    I am looking to put some lights on my 06 Dodge 2500. I want to keep it clean as possible looking. So far I just got led hideaways for the tail lenses and a mangetic light bar. I was thinking amber tirs in the grill but don't know how they would bounce off the plow. Its my personal vehicle so...
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    what size plow

    I am getting aplow for my 06 dodge 2500 crew cab short bed. Its between the boss 8 or 8'6", which one