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    broom machine

    Was wondering if anyone knew if Gravely still made walk behind broom machines and if so do they just have one width or do they have small ones also? Thanks, Scott Schmidt Jr. Grounds Supervisor Maris Grove 100 Maris Grove Way Glen Mills PA 19342
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    Kubota RTV Spreader

    Hey everyone......Looking for opinions and options for a spreader that i can put on a Kubota RTV. I have seen a couple of v box inserts (1/2 yard) for the bed however i got one price of $3000! I am open to either tailgate hoppers or V box inserts. And would like to spend less then $3000. Thanks...
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    salt availability

    hey guys, just wondering if there is any word on shortages this year like there were last year for both bagged and bulk???
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    ford f-450 pick up truck

    hi guys, yesterday during my travels i saw a newer style ford f-450 pickup truck. in the past i have only seen f-450s as dumps or stake beds. it was a dually and had compartments built into the bed (not like utility bed compartments) making it look like a pickup. is this a new model made by...
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    ford f-150

    1985 ford f-150 long bed, with ladder rack and metal toolbox. rebuilt motor, front end, clutch, brakes all done about a year ago. 4spd, sliding rear window. straight 6 4.9 liter engine that runs good, choke wire needs to be connected and brake lights need to be fixed. in paper for $1950, looking...
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    wheel weights

    hey guys, i solved my "weight on tractor" problem. a customer got me a set of old wheel weights, it apears that they will fit on my rear wheels. now the problem is mounting them, should i just drill into the rim?????
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    weight on a tractor

    hey guys, this year my primary piece of equipment is going to be my tractor, last year i only used it on one driveway (only had 1 or 2 plowable snows). this year i will have at a minimum 3, hopefully around 10. have had a hard time getting accounts because everyone says we wont have any snow...
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    to much salt

    Well guys before winter i went out and boutgh 200 lbs of salt preparing myself for the big winter. well i have used about 5 lbs of it tops. by the end of winter i will have used 20 lbs tops, unless a miracle happens and we get a good storm. my question is can i store this stuff until next...
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    the weight in bed theory

    hey guys, the common theory is to put weight behind the rear actual when it snows wether it be sand bags, salt bags, cinder blocks or whatever. my question is having more weight just makes it harder to stop does it not? what good is it to be able to go if you cant stoP?! that is just something i...
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    ATTENTION - chat

    hey guys, with lawn care slowing down and snow work picking up, would like to get some of u plowsite guys in the chat room now. it can be accessed by going to and clicking on lawnsite chat room. we have a great time in there, and now we often have 10-12, and on good nights have...
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    hey guys i was just looking at the lawn and landscape and there was this need ad for a sand/salter stand that also converted into a cover for ur sander/salter. it appeared to be constructed out of expanded metal and angle iron. anyone have or interested?
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    chat room

    come and join all of us by going to erics website
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    chat room

    hey guys, with winter coming lets get some of u snow guys in the chat room! we have a good time in there (usually) so come and join by going to erics website.
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    hey guys with winter approaching i have been thinking more and more about what im going to be doing, using, and how. well right now i have a scotts rotary spreader. how will this work for spreading salt? will it work at all? anyway to make it work? what would be ur top 5 choices for push...
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    hows this?

    hey guys, i have included a chart that i made with all my prices that i will give perspective customers. What do you think? Be reminded that this is for a 16 year old with no source of transportation and using a shovel. however there is chance i will be able to get my tractor setup soon enough.
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    chat room

    hey guys just wanted to let u know im in the chat room today and all alone!
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    hey guys, with winter approaching i want to get in the practice of keeping good papers and records. I usually do very well in the winter, even though i work solo with my shovel and walkbehind spreader i average up to $300 a winter. that is without advertising also. this year i plan to advertise...
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    chat room

    hey guys, just wanted to let u snow guys know about the chat room, go to eric elms website and click on the second chat room. we have a good crowd now and would love to have u guys to!~~