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    How much salt ?

    like Andy Said those sound like pretty high SE michingan most everyone is charging 125-145 per ton applied... i would stay away from giving tham a per application rate. what happens then is u end up getting some really cold or heavy ice night where your going to have to put more salt...
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    Liability issues with commercial plowing.....

    u need to have blade insurance...depending on how u set it up in the begining, if this was just liability coverage for a landscaping business that chances are u dont have blade insurance....Slim stated a good point if salt is not going to be applied at your descretion then u need to get...
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    what ever happened to........,.

    ADMservices has been a snow plowing fool the 3 weeks, i do a lot right next to one of his and we have plowed 7 times in the last 2.5 weeks. Its been a mad house here in SE michigan, but it looks like we are finally getting a break from the white stuff.
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    yes or no for plow feet?

    mine are still on for the simple fact that im to lazy to take them off.
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    Christmas Present

    ussually some flowers if the property manager is a woman and got a guy we ussually send basket of peanuts, cheeses and sausages.
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    Truck Modifications...

    I wish i would have kept my ram stock pretty much but heres a list of her mods 3 inch rancho suspension lift 35" BFG m\t 16.5x9.75 Weld typhoons trailmaster SST shocks Trailemaster SST steering sabilizer Flowmaster Cat back Duals K&N airfilter Tinted windowscarbon fiber racing pedals...
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    Truck Modifications...

    the ram cup holders will hold a supersized drink no ploblem and it ajust to hold the little ones happymeal drinks.
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    Tailgate spreader ramblings

    in my onpinion going with a tailgate spreader is kinda silly, ive talked to several guys that say the salt gets cought up on the sides and u think u are out of salt but its just that the salt wont flow towards the neck. Why would u want to get out of your truck and rip open 50 pound bags of...
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    Shoe Adjustment...

    Im With Digger, Looks like i just found a x-mas present for my mom.
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    Subs and pay rate

    I got Offered $75 an hour to sub for another company, i might just do it considering my route is only 2 hours with the accounts i have picked up. If i use my salter he is going to pay me $85 an hour.
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    Air Bags!!!!

    this spring with my 99 dodge 2500 and a trailer w/ 3 full pallots of sod, i hit a stationary dakota going about 25mph and took off my front end and threw the palots of sod in front of my truck. the air bags didnt even go off. lucky i wasnt hurt at all but really pissed off.
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    Price on EZ-dump Salter?

    I need some help finding a price on the salter attachment for an EZ-dumper bed insert. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    SIMA Members

    im just starting plowing this year and would like to join, but i have one question, how much cash does it cost to join?
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    What is the best tire for plowing?

    Im thinking about geting a set of the new Goodyear Wrangler MT/R's for plowing. anybody ever heard anything about them or have any coments?
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    Cab Control Location

    When i got my BOSS plow i got the hand held controler, it seems like it would be a hell of a lot easier to have it right in your hand then on the dash....i would spend the extra $ and get the hand held if i were you.
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    My First Plow

    i just had my 8' boss straight blade put on my 99 3/4ton dodge today. It looks awesome, its really touchy but i guess thats something i have to get used to. this was the first time that i had every been behind the wheel of a plow truck so i have to admit it was a little intimidating, i was...
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    Fixed the brake pull on my 2500HD for 1 hour and $27.54

    Nope...the 1500s have 5 or 6 lugs or something and 2500, 3500's are all 8 lugs
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    i think i am going to stay away from bulk salt this year, cuz a lot of my jobs are kind of far distance inbetween and i have heard that the bulk salt will start to clump up real bad if it has to much im looking for a hitch mount spreader
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    i Am wondering the same thing...i was looking at there big swing away model, but i relized it wouldnt fit on my truck b/c i have a ez-dumper that sticks out the back of the bed a few inches to much. now i am looking to get the mini-load which has a hitch mount option. i want to know how they...
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    What are the biggest tires i can fit

    my friend has one and he put 33x12.5 and they rub prety good, so i would suggest maybe a 295x70 or a 32x11.5