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  • yes it made it fine just slow going. was gonna double check a couple things with you, the title is dated 9/2008 but you had it for 6 years was there a problem with the title ?and the tag on the inside of the passenger door says its a 28,000GVWR but you said it was 26,000lb how did you get plates ? me or none of my guys has a CDL
    the one i bought was in Franklin Indiana, so it may be. The owner of the company was a young guy and then the business was called Advanced Excavating. Were the pieces of yours cut with a plasma torch?
    would these be from polar king in indiana? I bought one last year and the rubber was horrible. They never returned calls, and then 5 months later after i saw a cl add, I called and talked to a lady about the rubber, and now they are using steel edges w/ no trip.
    You said you priced out the kage and the wof and the wolf was more expensive? What if any where the "better" features
    hi kristin,
    i just recieved this but it looks old. anyway you guys are very welcome, it's a great piece.. we spoke earlier this year about buying a second one and i'm still hoping to do so soon. i also promised a few pics and testimonial . heard that my recommendation to someone up north sold them on a plow and kage setup...congrats !!!!!
    Hi Steve, It's Kristin with Kage Innovation. Say I just wanted to say thank you for all of the positive input you have posted on here. We really appreciate it as we know a good word goes a long way. Thanks Again!!
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