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  • ah okay, makes sense...for the most part ha. i priced them out a couple different ways, and sure enough they were coming to totals around 16 or so. that sounded like a pretty good deal to me too! im just trying to figure out something that i can haul a good amount of salt with and be able to use it for snow removal also. planing to start up a salt distribution company and branch from snow plowing (for now) and hopefully be able to make a pretty good buck. ill keep you in mind if i have anymore questions, you seem to be one of the more knowledgeable people around here ha
    oh and as far as the repairs and what not, i have three f350's now with powerstrokes in them for now so i have an idea on how to fix them...with those i can do just about everything up to taking the engine out (i'd rather not ha) but i definitely understand how the bills can just add up with them. nothing is cheap, espically with these trucks now ha
    Your GVW is determined by your overall wheelbase ("external bridge" measurement, from center of steer axles to center of rear most trailer axle). There are some exceptions, but the Federal Bridge Formula chart is a good rule of thumb for what you can do. A 35' with a tandem axle tractor (5-axles total) will be good for significantly more than 68K. For comparison, the unit in my sig (my personal truck) is a 195" WB tractor (steer to center of drive tandem) with a 24' trailer, and without our SHV permit I can legally gross 70,500. However, I can't bridge it internally (measured from front drive to rear trailer axle), hence the special SHV permit.

    As far as what to buy, a lot of it personal taste...and a little bit of knowledge. :) $16K sounds like an awfully good deal for a combo with only 350K on it. Mine is a '05, and just turned 300K, which is very low for its age, and the tractor is worth about $40K now, maybe a little less. Anything conventional will suffice, KW/Pete/International/Mack/Volvo/Sterling. Find what you like, and go from there. I will say this--trucks are big in every detail, from height to fuel cost, to insurance and breakdowns, not to mention maintenance/tires/brakes/etc...heaven forbid something goes *boom*. My truck is still pretty new, but I had about $7K in breakdowns last year, and one of my guys had to in-frame his engine (780K miles), to the total tune of $15K--not counting lost revenue. It can be a little daunting to the rookie, and the fact that fuel is slated to creep up again this year makes it that much worse.

    On the "logical" trailer thing--we have a lot of "really smert driverz" up here....do the math. LOL
    also any tractor recommendations? this would really be my first purchase like this...ive just stuck to pickup trucks up to this point, not really too sure about quality/part pricing on the rigs. figured you would have a better idea on that then i would ha
    well i was actually thinking something like a 35 foot end dump dual axel...i believe those are around 68k gvwr... i priced out a whole setup for around 16 grand, but then again thats getting a tractor that has about 350k miles on it. i know what you mean by the super dumps, and im pretty sure states like michigan have those. i want to say that the laws here sound pretty similar to yours there.
    and as far as having the tractor with multiple trailers, i dont know how they couldnt. it just seems like the logical thing to do.
    oh and as far as expense... are they more to maintain? or just initial cost?
    It really boils down to what your state allows--every state is different. Some state run "super dumps" which are straight chassis with several axles. Some can gross 80K on I think 7 axles, but not here. I'm not super familiar with OH laws, but in IL we have a special permit that exempts short combos from internal bridge, which is why you see that short little trailer. We can't run a straight truck (dump or otherwise) with more than 4 axles, and max GVW on a 4-axle straight dump is 62,500--not very useful. It does helps for access and getting into tight spots, and having a combination unit allows for doing something other than dump work--like you said. The majority of guys with dump combos here don't ever think outside the box, and even forget that they can hook a different trailer up to their tractor. Bottom line, tractor/trailer is a bit more expensive, and tougher in tight spots. But you don't pigeonhole yourself into one line of work--that flexibility is well worth it. HTH!!
    hey keep seeing you on a few threads ive been looking at and realize you haul. I mean...pretty obvious from your pictures ha but quick question for you. would you recommend a dump trailer instead of a dump truck? going to be transporting salt next year and just looking over my options. i figured that if i got a tractor with a dump trailer then i would also be able to get an open trailer and haul just about anything...or just be able to use the tractor for things other than just a dump truck you know? hah.
    Sorry for the delay--took me a second to find this "visitor message" thingie. I can get you some pictures shortly. They're on skids in a trailer at my yard, so I just gotta hop in there and snap away. They are not Bobcat brand attachments--don't remember the name, but they have spec plates on them. They're pretty nice, 78" w/hydro angle. They just weren't what we were looking for with the larger lots we were doing--wound up using 10' pushers on our skids. I'll get you pics pf the spreader as well. Shoot me an email, so I know where to send them.


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