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  • Hello . I found your thread on your f-Superduty build .. I have a question about the central hydraulic pump on the F-350 you posted a pic of . http://www.nloc.net/photopost/data/2696/Engine_Mount.jpg Do you still have the bracket or pics of it . I need to mount my pump on the PSD and am having a difficult time of finding any pics of how it's done or brackets for sale . Thanks Bill
    I saw your silver OBS at Carlisle this past weekend and was wondering about your headlights any info and or pics would be great!

    Thanks, Brent
    Saw your reply on project f sd. I guess i wasn't looking in the right place for my pm. Actually, I never found it until I viewed your profile and saw it there. I'm too old tow to be a computer geek so I'm not a very good navigator. My truck is a tow truck instead of a plow truck but we're kind of related. It's a good thing I got my 60 for $100 because after I have these adapters made and get rid of the 3:52's it'll no longer be on the cheap. We are similar to each other in the way we build our trucks. Thanks again...from coast to coast. Darrell
    I have been Google searching off and on for months for information about the f450 ten hole adapters for a dana 60 front axle. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the pic of them on your Project Super Duty. You are one lucky hombre to have those in your possession. I would like to be able to see some more pics and maybe a drawing of them with some dimensions as I am sure I will need to have mine made at a machine shop. I read every word of every page of your thread and, subsequently, became a member just so I could join in the fun.
    Just saw your truck in my issue of Diesel Power. I didn't realize that you also made many improvements to the interior as well. Congrats on a job well done!
    So I got my newest issue of diesel power and I see a truck that looks like I've seen somewhere, then it hits me when I see the mirrors, I've seen it on here. Very nice work with the truck.
    hey. ive kinda talked to you on powerstroke.org but i have a question. you put up a pic of your interior of your grey truck. your climate control stuff, whats itout of? and is it hard to do?
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