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  • no problem sorry I wasn't more help but start a thread in the ATV/UTV or bring mine back up to the top on this, getting that time of year where this site starts to pick back up on activity.

    where you located at? check your local CL might get a good deal on a used one?
    I know there a couple on my local CL right now for a RTV900
    Hello, i've been searching for a plow for my Kubota rtv900. I have stumbled across a post from you on this site stating you were looking for one as well. If you don't mind me asking, what plow (if any) did you end up mounting onto your rtv? Thanks in advance.
    Sub, can you send me some more detailed pics of your homemade swisher mount? if ya could, send them to the_rahr@yahoo.com. Thanks alot!
    Hey Sublime, did you ever find more photos of Hansens side wing that he built on his Polaris Sportsman. He was either gonna put them in Photobucket, or Cardomain, i can't find anything anywhere
    mine looks similar to yours but was a rebuilt so just the actuator. no wiring. no instructions. so i wasnt sure what the amp draw was on it and if i was gonna have to do some sort of relay kinda like a winch. as for the switch. im gonna have to find a double pull double throw switch or just pick up one for a winch since they do the exact same thing. for the locking pin. i was informed somewhere else that i should leave and use two pully wheels to run a rope to the front rack pulling it when i needed to turn the blade leaving the pin for strength.i just plow my driveway and really never have to " ram" anything so maybe i will be fine without it.
    hey sublime. i saw some pics of your linear acutators on your moose. i have a 60" moose and i recently got a hydraulic over electric one. im gonna start with one for now and still use the pivot pin but i was hoping that you might be able to explain your wiring to me or show some pics you may have. i am not sure if i need some sort of relay? what amp size? i am not sure what amp draw my actuator has. it is one of the hydramotions. thank you for your time.
    Do you have a custom setup on the ATV plow? Can you tell me what parts you have and where you got them. I am looking to do an inexpensive power lift with down pressure and may power angle.

    Thanks, Gary
    Hello Sir,
    I am a newbie to the site but not new to the winter snow by any means :) I stumbled upon an old post of yours regarding a 3 wheeler plow and was wondering if you still had it and would be interested in selling it. I apologise for bringing up an old topic but if you do i would be very interested. Please email me at rpmoverload@yahoo.com.

    Mopar or No Car!!!!

    Kind Regards,
    where did you get the snowblower attachment for your quad?? ive been looking for one,
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