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  1. Virnig plow for sale HSBP132

    Excellent plow for skid steer. Controls for my wheel loader don’t match up. Didn’t realize that until after purchasing. $6000
  2. Too all you Tundra guys!!

  3. Switching to blowing service

    Weight of a tractor may be an issue especially during freeze thaw times. Toolcat weighs about #6500 and is super nimble. Hi flow is 35+ on newer units
  4. Western Striker Pre-Wet Build

    Would you send the video to me please. I can’t find it. I have the same salter and would like any experience shared. Thanks, Orrion
  5. Too all you Tundra guys!!

  6. Too all you Tundra guys!!

    Bolts were tight when I took them off. I should have taken a pic. The metal fatigued. I couldn’t understand why when I would go the plow was hitting where it hadn’t before. Didn’t figure out until we put it on a rack and could really look at it.
  7. Too all you Tundra guys!!

    120,000 miles on truck
  8. Too all you Tundra guys!!

    Yes. Where bolted to truck frame the holes mushroomed out and failed. I put angle brackets on new frame so it’s better supported. Too heavy of a plow for the frame....
  9. Too all you Tundra guys!!

    2010 TRD. Plowed for 7 years with Western Prodigy with wings. 880#. Average 90”/yr with 30+ accounts commercial and residential. Usually plow about 12 hours/event. Only problem I had was 2 wheel bearings last year and Western frame failed because of the weight.
  10. New to site

    New to site. Been doing snow removal for years. Anyone use the brine sprayer on Western Striker? Getting into brine this year and am a novice obviously...

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