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  • hey mick, are you anywhere near the brewer area? I have a customer of mine who is looking for someone to service them this winter.
    I really don't have any preference. Just make sure you check out any company you contract with. I posted how to check them out on the Used Equipment forum. I'm not brokering any more.

    What company would you choose to move a Ford a62 loader from Equinunk PA, to Flint MI. Its about 630 miles 10-11 hours.
    Or, if you want to broker it, whats your price.

    Hi Brady
    Thanks for the compliments. Yes, in your situation, it be different than using a truck. Do you live in a neighborhood where you could have 10-15 driveways within walking distance? Do you have experience shoveling your own driveway? Tell you what - if you want email me at Mick.J.Smith@att.net and I'll see if I can help you with more stuff. What state are you in?

    Hey Mick,
    I couldn't find where it said private message so I will just write you here. I actually had some questions and after doing somer research I found this website. After browsing this website I saw that you know a great deal what you are talking about.
    I am trying to start a tiny snow removal business. Nothing huge, I am actually only going ot use shovels. I just need some extra cash for school and living and I enjoy being out in the snow. Me and my friend are guessing if we get between ten- fifteen driveways we should stay pretty busy and make some money. I am not looking to start a major business, I just want to dinf a couple people and make a little extra cash.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to get this started? What method of pricing should I use to keep it cheaper than professional but still maki it worthwhile for me? Obviously since I am only using shovels its a whole different kind of business. How and when should I begin advertising? What could be a good draw for people to actually want us to shovel their driveways.

    Like I said I am not looking to start a major company, just get some customers and make some cash. If I get more than me and my friend can handle I will hire some of my college buddies to help. You seem like the guy to go to.
    I could not find where you start a private message so if you want to reply to me in a private message that's cool.

    Thanks for the Kenworth plowing, Can't believe how long that went on. Glad to see that one closed.
    It's an RV???...It's my daily driver...LOL
    Well worth the read. Mike Smith wuz here.
    Hi Mick,
    I am new to this and I am looking at a plow at 5964 Woolper Petersburg KY, 41080. I live at 311 South Main Road, Mountain Top PA 18707. I have a way to get a skid off if needed at my work which is a half mile away. The skid could also be loaded at the point of ship also in KY. I am looking for a price to ship a Fisher 8.5' plow with truck side mount and wire to me. Is this something I can ask of you for a price? I am still waiting on pictures of the plow before I buy. Thankyou, Mr. Matt Howton, 570-332-2980.
    Hi Mick
    I live in northern California, Alta, 95701 and wont to buy a used Trackless MT5 this summer when prices are down and availability is up. My question is this in round dollars how much will it cost me to get it moved from the east coast to northern California? I have looked for the species, weight and size, but I have not been able to find any. I will probably buy it without any attachments.

    My plowsite user name is JeffZentner.


    Jeff Zentner
    Hey Mick,

    Based on what i've heard around town and seen here im going to bid:
    Option 1 - 195 per push 2" trigger and 275 per app for salt (will charge a fraction for cleaning up lanes durinig business hours)

    Option 2 - 7500 for the season and 275 per app of salt. (im figuring about 100.00 cost for salt) Everyone on hear says 3 times cost.

    Am I even close based on whet you've seen.

    The picture and info for the lot are here http://www.plowsite.com/showthread.php?t=66699
    AHHH Just saw you message Mick. I have a friend in Palermo, but I've never been there. Do you make it up to the big city of Bangor much? PS my email is cpine@firstchoiceofmaine.com. I'll get you messages instantly is you reply there. Got my first Comm Account today. Probably because i bid to low!
    I posted another message on your message site. Ask away - simple questions, I may be able to answer. If you want to meet up, let me know.
    Hi Mick- Just figured out how to find other Maine folks on here so i thought id drop you a line. Where ya from? I'm out of Brewer. This is going to be my first year plowing, judging from your 4000+ posts I'd say this is not your first year. I was hoping to find someone on here from Maine to ask a simple question. Do you have residential accounts sign a contract? I paid alot of plow guy over the years but have never been asked to sign anything. Just want to make sure not to make a bad mistake my first year out. Thanks for the help, I'm sure we will bw chatting in the future.
    Cmbrsum - I just saw this today. If you're still looking to ship a truck mount, I suspect you'd be ahead with something like UPS. For a truck (called Less than Truck Load or LTL), going into Utah, I'd just guess around $6-800. Not a real popular route for trucks. But that's just a guess. You'd also need to get it palletized. If you're interested, use the Private Message feature (click on my name and it should be part of the "drop down" and I'll discuss it more.
    Any idea on shipping for a RT3 truck mount for a superduty ford, I'm guessing around 100 lbs, from 14206 to 84405 (utah)? Thanks Steve
    Hi, Rick. Just got on and saw the "friends" notice in my email. Followed the link from there. Ironic, but there was a second request from some else, too. First time I've posted on any of these and trying to figure it out. Looks like a "public" PM feature or permanent IM.
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