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  • Hi Snow Man... email me, it would be easier if you have additional questions (doug@lawnlad.com). The Western Pro Flow 2 that I believe you're referring was mounted to my dump with my own custom swing gate. I wanted an easy on/easy off type rear end that would allow me to put my dump gate back on - so the custom gate was made to attach to the truck the same way the gate did. I didn't therefore have to do any welding on the truck, as the frame/gate I built was interchangable on the truck with the dump gate. I believe you can buy swing gates for pick up beds, but I've not kept up with this part of hte market and available options. Email me if you have more questions.
    Hey Lawn Lad on that spreader you have on the dump , did you get the spreader buy itself , or with a mounting kit .I was looking at that same spreader , but I need to open the tailgate of my pick-up . They sell the spreader with no mounting option for $1700.00
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