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  • Jerre, is have a 8611lp, with a slow lift problem, the left and right are fine, and I just changed fluid and checked the electrical connections, still very slow lift. Do you think its a valve problem? Motor Problem? Pump Problem? Do you have any upgrade items that I should try? It is a 2013. I know your very knowledgable about these plows. Any Help will be great!
    Thanks Neal
    Jerre I have a 8611 power plow can I get a quote on cutting edge and bolt kit please. Zip code is 65270 for shipping
    Jerre, I'm in urgent need of a controller for a Western Wideout. I'm in NE Ohio and willing to drive out to Erie if you have one that I can pick up on short notice. You can call me at 330-472-1378

    Hey Jerre, any experience putting a rubber edge on a 720LT? Have a Kubota RTV 1100 with a 720LT on the front. Am plowing a pad that has lights in it. Steel edge keeps pulling them up. Can order one from the dealer which they say is special order for over $400. Seems a little high to me.
    Hello Jerre. Decided to go with a new Wideout. I would appreciate it very much if you could let me know how much I'm looking at. Thanks.
    Thanks Jerre. If you could get me the price for the used one as well as a new one I would really appreciate it. If I can drive to your location within 8-9 hours I'd rather get the new wideout fom you. If the used one is still available could you let me know what needs to be done to mount it on my truck and the costs associated with it? I need to figure out if it is worthwhile taking that route. I have a 2007 Western Pro 8.6 that came off another F450 which was fire damaged. I don't have the truck side wiring or control for this particular plow but I have the mounts and everything else. The plow is in great shape. I'm in a bit of a dillemma as to what to do: keep the 2007 and get wings for it or get a Wideout? Thank you for your help.
    Hello Jerre,
    I'm based in Hamilton, Canada and I'm looking to buy a Western Wideout and I was wondering if you would be able to give me the contact info of a few good dealers? I'm willing to travel about 400 miles one way to get the plow. I'm not sure if you install Wideouts but if you do that would be great!! It's going on a 2008 Ford F450 regular cab 4x4 dually. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you. Kevin.
    Hey Jerre,
    I appreciate all your help. I have an 810 and I am looking for some ideas on where to start to diagnose an intermitant loss of all functions for a brief period after a pass and lift at the snow bank. Seems to fixitself after a few moments but is becoming more and more frequent. I know the connection is tight, we zip tie them together. Thinking about it, It does not lose the down function when this happens.Thanks again for you anticipated response.
    Hey Jerre
    surviving the early winter ??
    We have had over 5 ft so far and its 2 weeks to winter !!
    Bronco is working well and we havent broken anything yet. Did 2 u-joints and waiting for a chance to
    do some more work. But weather wont let up.
    Trying to remember where you are located. We went thru NY on way to Conn in Oct and thought of you
    Hey Jerre,
    Thats a pretty sweet snowblower on the front of that truck. Have you started a thread detailing the build and pros/cons? I couldnt find any thread about it is why I ask. Did you just mount a motor in the box running a hydro pump? How did you attach the blower to the truck- a modified plow mount?

    That's sure pretty sweet, I'm hoping theres a thread some where that I missed!

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