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  • The only issue that I had was the storm last Thanksgiving. Since the ground wasn't frozen yet I just had to plow slow and pay attention to the blade, it would start to trip when it dug in the softer ground. After that storm I had no issue I would just bump the blade up a touch as the weather started getting warmer and the ground softer. I'm sure if I had shoes it would been a whole lot better. Overall I really like the plow, simple to operate and troubleshoot if a problem arises.
    The DXT does ok, kinda heavy for plowing soft ground but it'll do it if you're careful and go slow.
    Thanks for the heads up. I logged into youtube and noticed that all my videos had been set to private. I unlocked a few of them and will get the rest unlocked. Hopefully they work now so let me know.
    They're some led that strobes n more has. They are the 6" bars that mount with one stud.
    Yes, I love them. They still provide good warning during the daytime. They are pricey but worth it in my opinion.
    I was thinking about getting a 550. I've taken it off the market though. Actually could have sold it a couple weeks ago but changed my mind. The truck is still in good shape and I don't really want a huge payment right now.
    I didn't have to drill any holes. It used existing holes and then clamped to the axle. Pretty easy install. The hard part is running the air lines.
    Ya I have dual batteries no no problems I just hooked them together but my truck was used and I do believe it had dual batteries on it before
    In theory it should be better for the parts and increase their life span. It sure can't hurt compared to trucks that are cranked way up causing everything to have some pretty steep angles on everything. It also makes it ride pretty dang nice and handle really well. It's still an 8400lb, top heavy truck with sub par handling on mud tires but on some of the winding back roads around here I can rip right through the corners. Surprises the people in little cars when a truck is keeping right up with them or wanting to pass in the corners.
    I've got my 9.2 Poly V and I've also got a near new 9' steel straight blade. I run the V 99% of the time.
    Well lets put it this way. I get paid hourly and my wings never came off because plowing with a straight blade blows. To me it was worth loosing a little bit of money being more productive and faster then it was for me to run just a 7.6' straight blade and drive myself crazy chasing windrows and random stuff around the lot. I'd have wings on my V plow and my 9' straight if they were not $700 from Boss. I'm considering building my own set and using them for my personal accounts and not when I'm a sub. With my V I'm already pretty productive so wings would kinda be dumb when the company I sub for only requires a straight blade and nothing more.

    If your debating wings, get some and you'll wonder why you waited so long.
    Yes I do have them and they are excellent in the snow. They are basically a mud tire with siping so they are definitely a little noisy on the road but not horrible. They have been wearing well but I really don't drive the truck a lot. I'm definitely happy with them and recommend them.
    I love my dmax. If your going to buy an 01-early04 lb7 the common knock with them is the injectors, injection pump, and water pump.
    Yea this year has been pretty uneventful, allthough in years past we've had some pretty killer storms in march. I'm thinking about putting together a wrangler fror next season. I'v always wanted one for a toy and i think it'd be neat with a little lift and a 6'9" minute mount
    well this just goes to show ya how long its been since ive been on haha. no i didnt do any plowing at all this year. how about you?
    Thanks man. My brothers dmax is an 05. He just got the truck near the end of the summer. He actually doesn't plow with his truck that much unless he doesn't get called in. Then he will help me out cause he plows for his work in one of there ten wheeler dumps. So no he hasn't had any porblem with the center pin plus we hav't got a monster strom yet this year to really see if it would break. but id did noticed on his exv that it looked like the previous owner looles like he strenthed up the two middel supper beams on each side. The plow is like brande new tho cause the owner never used it to really plow with hes used his 9.5 ss exv on his chevy dump. I can't wait to try out out my borthers exv out once this year prob wont want to go back to a straight blade after hahaha.
    Yeah I like it! Handles the plow much better, being a 3500. Turning the t-bars can make a big difference!!
    I will tell you that they throw snow a long ways and will go through anything. The best single stage snow blower out there. The only downsize is it is pretty heavy. I found another one used and I am thinking of picking it tomorrow. Aaron
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