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  1. "Canadian Weather+++++Snow"

    LOL - yesterday working at a new client, he says he needs his bush hog fixed. Told him I would take a look at it. Out he comes on a TORO Timecutter MX 5050. Belt completely chewed off of it. "Is it fixable?" Got the new belt on. Reccomend he wait until I bring him a real bush hog this...
  2. "Canadian Weather+++++Snow"

    It is a real pain this year. We're running into it on all projects as well, delays due to manufacturing. Have to figure that no one went on vacation, out to restaurants, golf, etc. for better part of 18 months. So the money has to be spent at home. If you drive through a survey out here...
  3. "Canadian Weather+++++Snow"

    Have 4 of them here. No complaints. Echo has been good here too. I used to have a whole shelf of "spares", mostly dissasembled when we ran Stihl. Now we have just a couple of complete Echo backups that never get used.
  4. How to land commercial accounts without going through an NSP?

    Take care of the relationships you have in place. Those will produce your best qualified leads. A referred client is the most simple way to gain new work.
  5. "Canadian Weather+++++Snow"

    Been doing alot of that as well. 38% CaCl?
  6. "Canadian Weather+++++Snow"

    I think officially it is May 20, but I'd expect the goal posts to move again. Still haven't hit the 8000 cases/day predicted for the end of May. Acutally trending back below 4000. Remember 30,000 by 1st of June?
  7. Dump trailers

    We have a local trailer builder here - Advantage Trailer. I had them build me a 7 ton tandem in 2011. Spec'd it with a C-channel frame, instead of standard box tube. It's a telescoping ram style, and has done everything we've ever needed it to. Other than operator error/abuse (bent doors...
  8. New chevy

    Have a 2021 in the fleet, but haven't ran a plow on it yet. It's ready for one, just haven't had the opportunity. But also has dump insert and salter, so we shall see how it does. The dual alternators are worth every bit of it. I've only ran into issues with batteries, but that could be due...
  9. Daniels truck backblades

    Get in line buddy...
  10. Daniels truck backblades

    Yes. Beta testing to take place (or so I'm told). On wing edges, the conveyor belt isn't final.
  11. "Canadian Weather+++++Snow"

    The following is a summary of weather event information received by the Ontario Storm Prediction Centre. 3. Summary of southern Ontario snowfall in centimetres: Amhertsburg to Ingersoll: 10 to 18 Niagara Region (on escarpment): 16 to 22 Niagara Region (below escarpment): 9 to 15 Jarvis: 16...
  12. "Canadian Weather+++++Snow"

    8" on the grass. 3-4" push. At 4am it was just starting to cover. Most of it came between then and 7am. Just finished snowing 30 minutes ago. Sites are black and wet, it's melting quick now. Gonna have to watch for re-freeze tonight.
  13. "Canadian Weather+++++Snow"

    Mowing and plowing all within 24 hours. Definitely one to remember. Stay safe everyone. Hear we are in the bullseye. Been steady for 2 hours now, deck and mulch beds are covered, grass is just starting to cover. Gravel and asphalt still wet. Melted off the first 2cm, only 13 more to go!
  14. Daniels truck backblades

    They look pretty good in person. I'm intrigued...
  15. "Canadian Weather+++++Snow"

    At this point, it will be devastating to the tender fruit guys. Keep hyping it - I'm hoping that will chase it away. Buffalo guys are saying 2-4 inches, and that close to half that will melt on contact. I don't know what to think. I've never pushed snow later than April 17, so this will be a...

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