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gene gls
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  • I see you have FUSO 4x4. I am thinking about getting a 1990. It's one with a plow on it. Looks alot like yours.

    Do you know how much you can haul in the bed? I have a chevy 3500 now and I think the gvw is around 10,500 but I have loaded up to 2.5 tons which is probably over loaded but it still works. Do you know how much a fuso will haul? The dealer said the GVW is 11,600. I have no idea how heavy the empty truck is.

    Do you know what kind of MPG they get?

    I have read the top speed is limited to around 65, but the salesman says the guy he got it from drove it out at 70 MPH but I don't think he knows much about the truck.

    Does Napa or other auto places stock parts for these?

    Thanks for any information you can share!

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