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  • I was looking at the nubie thread that you started and i am scared to post any where on this site. i have plowed in the past but i was plowing with my dad who charged like 30 a storm for residential drive ways. i am putting an older fisher speed cast on my 1993 ford F-150 with a straight 6 and want to go after some contracts this winter but dont know where to start on bidding. plowing i have no problem i have plowed with a 1999 f250 with a 7.3, Kubota r520s with a curtis hitch and run 9' angle blade, open cab bob cat turbo 773 with just the bucket, and a new holland c-190 with an 8 foot bucket. would u mind helping me out? please i am a 27 year old dad that enjoys the out doors i have a 4 year old and a 26 yo wife of 7 years. please help me
    there is much appreciated information in your posting for new people. questions I thought of and those I didn't. Thanks
    Question for ya,
    Ive been in the lawn and garden side of things for years now and would say Im a quick learner and great at this side of the business.. I've been around the snow clearing side of things but haven't plowed myself.. I know you suggest working for someone and gaining experience before jumping right in.. Well I have 9 McDonalds restrauants and they are all on board for snow this year... "gulp' I live in Vancouver BC and the snow isnt like say Ontario where Im originally from.. It is however going to be a big dump this year so Im hearing.. My equipment is 2008 2500 Ram diesel with a Boss V 8'2 I would like to think this set up can do the job... My question is... How can I learn how to plow properly, professionally... on my own.. Your prolly thinking DAM newbie! "blush" Ive been reading you posts and you seem to me to know what the heck your doing... Any Info... sites or videos or places that you know of that I can get the basics down and get as much info as I can? Your help would be great!


    I am newbee to site and snowplowing... I have full time job but it is flexible... I just bought 2010 2500 ram and came with 8ft Straight Blade made by Blizzard.. How do I post my questions? Here are some questions out of the gate.
    1, my straight blade did not come with shoes... I see there is spot to mount... I do not plan plowing in gravel... how important is having Shoes?
    2,I like the idea of working for couple friends that plow in winter... How much should I be paid if it is not my Job?
    3.What insurance do I need if a sub or helper vs taken on some of my own Jobs

    Great Site just have to learn how to navigate it . Thanks
    Ok let me first say i appreciate your honesty. I joined this forum to hopefully get some answers to my questions? First is there a rule of thumb for priceing snow removal jobs? by the hour or area size? if by the hour what is usual hourly charge. I am looking at tailgate spreaders but most are for rock salt or calcium chloride only,is the one recommended for sand and salt mix? lastly at least for now where can i view or download a simple snow removal bid form?
    Thanks for any help you may provide.
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