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  • Good day, I recently purchased an Arctic plow with a monarch 683 pump, I'm having problems wiring the controls and pump, to get it to operate properly. My understanding is power to battery side, ground mounting plate to battery, brown wire centre solenoid terminal, small black wire to power side of solenoid, blue & yellow are raise and lower, red and green are angle, the brown and the black wire are severed in the wiring control harness, should the black from the control box run only to the power side of the solenoid, and and into the pump and control box, or just to the control box? should the brown be connected from the control box to just the solenoid, or should it run into the pump as well, my e-mail is r.sim@mycanadore.ca if you could e-mail me with the correct wiring, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks simers
    Hello, i'm new to plow set-ups, but have experience wiring, but don't want to try on my own in fear of frying something. I picked up an Arctic plow with a Monarch 683 pump with 6 wires control side, and 5 wires pump side.
    Seeing you have extensive experience with these models, and you have a phone number, I would like to ask your permission to call you about the placement of the wiring for this pump.
    Is there a default way of wiring in the lights as to not disrupt the old wiring of the original headlights?
    Any help would be appreciated, need to make money before the 15th or my hydro is gonna be shut off.
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