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  • Hey 4x4, I'm working on a buddys Deere 8875 skid and the bucket will only go up and roll down, no roll up or bucket down. Would it be possible to get some info from your manual on this? Thanks, Garrett Weyer (651) 278-6956 g.weyer@yahoo.com
    Yep we (the grounds department) works out of the Krider building, it is really nice having all of ourequipement in one location. As for the Case 990 we got a good deal on it, so far we have only used it for running a woods mower at Davies. I truely don't have any idea what we will use it for.......
    Well since we are public dollars, we must go with low bid. So yeah it will probably be another Case. I did look at a 930 Caterpillar but dang the price differance is so large, and all we really use the loaders for is snow.

    My name is Kevin, I am Randy's right hand man. I would assume then you are Nick? I've got the F-250 with the side tool boxes. Are you tipically in a loader or truck?
    2004 International 4300, DT-466 engine, automatic transmission,loaded. we had a custom 18 foot box built for it.
    Yeah its all hanging together ................so far. One of our broncos is on its way out, and the transmission in the old A66 is soft, but its still rolling. I think the pusher on the 66 will kill it before the year ends, but that will be the only way we'll get rid of the damn thing. Is everybody remembering to fully lock the quick couplers on your loaders this year? lol
    Hi 4x4, I noticed when we were looking for information on Goggle about a John Deere 8875 skid steer that you replied to a thread back in 2007. We have a 8875 that is aprox a 1995-96 model that is showing an error message of # 2 in the hour display window and the hydraulics are inoperable. The pedals appear to be locked and there is an icon in the lower left of the display area that shows a (O) type icon that is flashing. I know that you mentioned to someone on the board here that you would be willing to copy an Owners/Service Manual for them. Any HELP would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tagg. We are in the Pittsburgh area.
    Yup I live in Kindred have a contract with Kindred, Hickson, and 4 other private guys, 1 township and the Kindred Park Board. I know Cade Mitchell pretty good I work for KPH also, you guys are smooth operators have heard only good things bout you. Kudos on the great service you provide.
    The last 6 or 7 years we have really upgraded our equipment and we are sitting good right now. I am going to try take some photos and get an album like yours as we get our stuff out....Most of our stuff is still in storage...I am guess with the snow today we will be getting our gear out.
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