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  • Yah this winter has been bad :(, but ive never been up north. I have only been riding out side Yellow Stone and to the White Mountains in New hampshire. Caso is like a little less then 30 mins away and Poland springs is just about 30 mins away. What do you have for rigs and also toys? Oh and sorry i forgot to tell you im only 15 and 16 at the end of August. But is still plow neighbor hoods and stuff :) lol but i have me permit now and cant wait to get my license.
    Im in Windham. I've never really been there. What part of Maine is that and do you get a lot of snow there. Btw I live fairly close to Sebago, so sometimes we can get a ton of snow!!
    Thanks 06Sierra...appreciate the help. I'll check it out tomorrow and should be able to find it. Thanks again, and I hope you dont mind if I give you a shout again if I need it. Thanks, Mike
    I think it's 4-5yrs old. I just checked the model# (058336) on kimpex site and a parts list for 2004 came up. The shear bolt I found is on what looks like a some kind of short drive shaft that is driven by the belts/pulleys. I kind of assumed there would be one on the big 48" auger...but cant seem to find anything.

    ...sorry if i sent this twice...i think i messed it up the 1st time
    Hey 06Sierra, my name is mike and im new to the forum. I was googling kimpex repairs and your name came up. I just bought a used kimpex blower from a guy and wondered if you might be able to answer a question for me.
    When I bought it, I swear the guy said there were 2 shear pins/bolts on the blower. The parts list/diagram only shows one...and I can only find one. The one I found is on the shaft right near the belts...I thought he said there was one on the big auger...? Any idea if there are 1 or 2 shear bolts?
    The blower looks like a beast and from some of your posts it seems to work well...looking forward to getting rid of our "lake effect snow" without having 4' snow banks lining my driveway. Thanks for any help, Mike
    hey buddy thanks for the email with the service instructions for the wheel bearing. Ill try and tackle it this week.
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