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34 tonplow

34 tonplow
LNO-WI, Dec 22, 2009
    • V-Dogg
      Great looking truck my friend!. I have just about the same exact thing only mine is the Silverado and is pewter. I have the fender flares too_One thing I did was get some verticle power towing mirrors this fall. They are not chrome like you and I had but they are so much better for towing and plowing. Got them on line for like $200 for the pair. 15 minutes to switch out. I parked next to a Chevy in a parking lot and they look like they are OEM.Where are you in WI sounds like you are up near the UP border?? Did you crank up your t-bars??.Have you been plowing for long and what do you think of the DOGG??
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    Dec 22, 2009
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