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  1. Rurikbsmith
  2. Brown5454
    Selling Meyer plow model C-8
  3. Oakie4217
    Oakie4217 Broncslefty7
    Hi Broncslefty, I would be interested in your recipe as well, if that’s at all possible,do you aim for a ph of 7 when using the pool chemicals to adjust PH?
  4. Big Jenny
    Big Jenny UAmember
    Still got the mount?
  5. Mirvingm
    New to the site
  6. The Snow Punishers
    The Snow Punishers
    Labor of Love They Say ...
  7. Big Jenny
    Big Jenny UAmember
    Hey thanks for getting back to Me.

    Should be 8” from pin point hole on the tube mount to the bottom mount. I have a picture I can send if you give me your email or I can text. I’m in southern Illinois. If this is the right one I’ll buy it ASAP.
  8. Jesse66
    Snow dog by buyers
  9. Jed Heap
    Jed Heap
    Looking for 63883-2 (969) mount for a 05 dodge ram if I can't find a 67865 for a 89 gmc
    1. Plowin Dodge
      Plowin Dodge
      i have 1 off of my 09 2500 $350
      Dec 4, 2019
  10. Jed Heap
    Jed Heap
    Looking for 67865 (1589) mount for my 89 gmc. Have wrong one for sale 67981 (3529).
  11. Hazelj
    Mm2 stick controller goes on float and when I try press up to raise the lift it up float indicator comes off and it doesn’t do anything?
  12. Waldrop mowing
    Waldrop mowing
    Have an old Western Plow cable driven it'll move side to side but not up and down looking for some help
  13. Robert1966
    Anyone have any information on why my low beams are getting 7.90v and the high beams are at 12.48v Pkg lts don’t come on w truck pkg lts
  14. Big Jenny
    Big Jenny UAmember
    Hey would like to talk to you about your ford plow mount you have posted on the site. If it’s 17112 made for the lighter front end it’s what I need and I’d like to have it. My number is 618-204-9292. You can call or text me your number and I can call you whatever works best. Thanks! Josh Zurliene
    1. UAmember
      Sorry, I hadn't checked my email in quite some time. I didn't see all the activity going on in my classified. I can get you any measurements off the bracket if you need to verify the bracket will fit.
      Dec 3, 2019
  15. Robert1966
    Hi everyone! New at the plow business! Any advice is welcome!
  16. tjmahl
    tjmahl 2011F250Lariat
    How do I purchase your stainless steel bearings for a western 1000 tailgate salter
  17. Foge
    Looking for a Meyers plow Mount for 04 Expedition
  18. Freddy81
    I’m looking for a used salt spreader western 1000 or fisher 1000
  19. Freddy81
    I looking for a used salt spreader.
  20. Mattintahoe
    What size cat loader do I need for a 14 ft snow pusher?