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  1. Nanook12
    Taking a break from moving snow!
  2. Betor605
    I have a problem with my unimount 7.2. all wiring is connected but only i heard a click on the pump and it doesn’t move.
  3. 4x4Farmer
    4x4Farmer Aerospace Eng
    Hey looking back on last years post wondering if they still have that Henke V plow and if they would be interested in selling it? Ideally i would like a 14ft but if it comes down to it a 12' would work. Let me know. Thanks
  4. Emt0205
    Emt0205 Omaha Plowboy
    Hey bro do you still have those purple jet filters?
  5. RJPerry
    Hi. New member who is just setting up a plowing rig using a 2012 F250 gas and an older Western 7.5' Straight ProPlow.
  6. mossballs
    mossballs snowgraves
    I do have a different plow for sale
    The Daniels is sold
  7. tommyjd97
    tommyjd97 theplowmeister
    I just bought a 2019 wrangler JL not sure what plow to put on it. we have two other trucks with fisher plows
    1. theplowmeister
      I dont know what will fit on a JL they lightend up the frame AND the axels to save weight. Not looking good for plowing. Thats why I ran out and bought a leftover JK before only JL were left.
      Oct 1, 2019
  8. Drollins2
    new Boss HTX 7’6” stainless . Switch will go up to release then unit just falls down without using the switch dealer said it’s ok
  9. QualityKutzLC
    Gearing up for winter!
  10. Thaddybob
    Thaddybob JFon101231
    Wondering if you could fill me in on the y adapter for a western 2 plug fleet flex truck to three plug plowside. I see the kit from storks but am curious as to see what the adapter costs. If it’s still doable. Two plug plows aren’t as available here but there are a ton of three plug ultra mounts available at good prices and are very nice yet.

  11. CTBoxman
    It's time to start purchasing bulk material for ice control. Anyone care to comment on the best 2 stage tailgate spreader?
  12. sweetk30
    what ? who said snow ?
  13. mc1258
    Vendors beware Dollar General management company for snow removal is facility source
  14. mc1258
    Does anyone have contracts with Dollar General for snow removal. They don’t pay
  15. BIGPLOW Small Truck
    BIGPLOW Small Truck
    Junior Plow Operator
  16. SunshineDaydream
  17. Jdm732
    Looking to do snow removal I have an excavating and demo business front end loaders skid steers backhoes my number is+17327546435 Dave
  18. Sparklearth
    Sparklearth Oshkosh
    Hi, this is Sparklearth Tech, we are a Chinese company focuses on hard alloy industry, the carbide inserted rubber cutting edge is our feathered product and we have the fully control of entire industry chain from the strictly selection of raw materials to the final packaging.
    If you are interested in this, please email us, the address is:, or you can visit our website:
  19. miketonon
    miketonon PSAdmin
    Hi, can you please delete my profile. Thanks
  20. SNMIU
    SNMIU RepoMan207
    Mr RepoMan I'm installing wiring harness on ford f350 2018 when you install wire into cab do you connect red wire to a up lifter switch ?