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  1. sweetk30
    what ? who said snow ?
  2. mc1258
    Vendors beware Dollar General management company for snow removal is facility source
  3. mc1258
    Does anyone have contracts with Dollar General for snow removal. They don’t pay
  4. BIGPLOW Small Truck
    BIGPLOW Small Truck
    Junior Plow Operator
  5. SunshineDaydream
  6. Jdm732
    Looking to do snow removal I have an excavating and demo business front end loaders skid steers backhoes my number is+17327546435 Dave
  7. Sparklearth
    Sparklearth Oshkosh
    Hi, this is Sparklearth Tech, we are a Chinese company focuses on hard alloy industry, the carbide inserted rubber cutting edge is our feathered product and we have the fully control of entire industry chain from the strictly selection of raw materials to the final packaging.
    If you are interested in this, please email us, the address is:, or you can visit our website:
  8. miketonon
    miketonon PSAdmin
    Hi, can you please delete my profile. Thanks
  9. SNMIU
    SNMIU RepoMan207
    Mr RepoMan I'm installing wiring harness on ford f350 2018 when you install wire into cab do you connect red wire to a up lifter switch ?
  10. rswojo
    i moved, i want to update my location. How?
  11. Cliffo
    Cleaning a Northman Plow Pump
  12. Teachderf
    '71 FJ 40 Land Cruiser, Fisher Plow
  13. CAT 245ME
    CAT 245ME boutch
    Thought you might like to know that last I checked Green Diamond in Moncton had two Normand N92 HYB blowers. One JD green the other red. I think they were supposed to end up in Halifax at first but were unloaded in Moncton. Woodstock has called me a couple times to see if I wanted one but I passed.
    1. boutch
      Thanks. They have a green one here in halifax. I looked at it couple months ago. More likelly I'm getting a Bilodeau. Price is way cheaper then Normand
      Mar 29, 2019
    2. boutch
      Hey CAT245ME, if you want to get a conventional blower, my old blower is for sell again in Bathurst now on kijiji, it is a pronovost 860-92. it is a 2012 blower , when I got it in 2015 I completely took it apart to repaint it, installed all new bearing and only used it 5 times from 2015 until I sold it to a guy in NB last fall. that would be a good cheap low hrs blower for back up.
      Apr 2, 2019
    FLEET@CUA fireside
    fireside, I was looking for the original thread that I was on before the forum moved me. It was for someone (I thought it might have been you) that turned a gas spreader into an electric one. It kinda had a "how-to" in it.
  15. Harley95
    Harley95 nighthawk117
    Hey, saw your post about you plowing with a v blade boss. I have a superduty with a 8” lift and 35” tires... I need to figure a bracket... can you make brackets? If so I’d be interested in seeing what you would charge or maybe help me figure what I’d need to do. Thanks in advance! Located in Maine.
    My email is
    Reach out if you could thanks again!
  16. 512high
    512high abbe
    Greetings Abbe from New Hampshire. I understand you purchased JohnDeereGreen 8-13 metal pless if I'm correct? I just purchased a "new to me" Cat 908M, any issues with the 8-13?



  17. schreib
    retired Mech. engineer. OK, no laughing.
  18. Dogplow Dodge
    Dogplow Dodge
    Not quite right, but then again, I never was.
  19. PTS
    Boss plow & F250 Diesel
  20. PTS
    After smooth operating for years, my Boss straight blade light tower falls forward when the blade is lifted. Ideas?