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    494 and 7 is in my zone. What do you have?
  2. Grnmtnlandscape
    Grnmtnlandscape Brian Young
    Hey Brian, I'd like to talk to you about possibly filing suit against facility source. Feel free to email me jeffreystadnik@gmail.com
  3. wjamesm
    wjamesm weareweird69
    Hello . I found your thread on your f-Superduty build .. I have a question about the central hydraulic pump on the F-350 you posted a pic of . http://www.nloc.net/photopost/data/2696/Engine_Mount.jpg Do you still have the bracket or pics of it . I need to mount my pump on the PSD and am having a difficult time of finding any pics of how it's done or brackets for sale . Thanks Bill
  4. snoway63
    snoway63 snowman123
    My number is 631 848 5174 send a text so i know its ur number
  5. snoway63
    snoway63 snowman123
    Hey im back in Ny going to start up again this yr
  6. Dee P
    Dee P
    4L8OE auto transmission no 3 or 4th or overdrive any ideas?
  7. Maguire
    Maguire PLOWMAN45
    Hey you had a 7.6 mvp3 that you sold?
  8. Derek Cress
    Derek Cress kcress31
    been a while
  9. aclawn
  10. performanceplus
  11. On a Call
    On a Call Goodnyou
    Do you have any photos of your skid steer set up ? Read your report and liked what I read.
  12. Pro-Lawn&Ground
    Pro-Lawn&Ground snowbilly
    Hey you commented on my flatbed build post. Did you ever get those pics of the bed mount? Im curious about what you did for that.
  13. Arrowbrook 99
    Arrowbrook 99
    Ulster county New York.
  14. vfig
    vfig ktfbgb
    How many driveways/lots do you clear per storm? I have an 08 Silverado with a fisher HT. I have no issues with the plow but I would like to get an V plow to help with the cleanup and hopefully finish the job quicker. Is the Meyers Super-V LD that poorly designed? Mechanically, how well does it perform?
  15. Landscape solutions
    Landscape solutions
    I have an 08 MM2 I just had installed and I have no control power or running lights on plow
    1. Landscape solutions
      Landscape solutions
      Can someone please help
      Mar 13, 2017
  16. Scott2001
    Hi, i have a 2003 john deere and need to remove the radiator, i removed the hydraulic cooler.
  17. Scott2001
  18. Scott Balwinski
    Scott Balwinski
    Interested in hiring truck owners to work weekends through warm weather.
  19. Tundra12
    I have a Snowdogg MD75. I seem to keep having issues with the lighting connector overheating. Anyone having same issues?
  20. donsservice
    I"m new to plowsite, (14th year plowing). need your opion want new equipment for the caynon 1/2 tone with i-4 duramax diesel recommendation
    1. Arrowbrook 99
      Arrowbrook 99
      GMC Canyon? That's just like the Chevy Colorado. They have a duramax is it now? If that's your truck it's not a 1/2 ton. That's the 1500. If I'm reading your post incorrectly I apologize but if not the caynon is a very light duty truck and would not do more than my own driveway and a few friends at most. With a very light weight plow.
      Mar 18, 2017
    2. donsservice
      It's a step up from the fordsport trac, I want a Nissan XD but it's not in the budget, that your opnion I I think different
      Apr 7, 2017