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2500hd got hot picking up plow, any long term damage?.

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by eyeflyfish, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. eyeflyfish

    eyeflyfish Junior Member
    from maine
    Messages: 6

    I know it's been talked about previously but I want to know if it's damaging?Temps were in the high fifties and i kept it at 45 to 50 mph and i saw the temps creeping up from a norm of apprx 197 to about 245 by the time i pulled over it was slowly approaching redline which is 260. I shut it off which i now know is a no no for about a minute then started it and saw the temps very slowly recede. I pulled over 3 other times before it had a chance to get that hot.Plow angled and as low as I could go , straight and low was worse. I found this blurb about the 2500hd on the web

    The engines also feature a standard pressurized coolant-recovery system to prevent air from entering and potentially damaging them. A standard coolant level sensor warns the driver of a drop in coolant levels to avert potential engine damage. At 245° F (118° C), it flashes a "Check Coolant Temp" alert in the Driver Message Center. If left unattended, the air conditioning will be shut off. At 262° F (128° C), a red light and "Engine Overheated" warning is displayed. And at 265° (129° C), the engine goes into a "limp home" mode, using air to cool itself for a time, so a driver can reach a service station, without damaging it.

    If there were lights flashing I didn't see them!
  2. BWhite

    BWhite Senior Member
    Messages: 496

    YOur ok

    Unless you have real noticeable problems or a new rough idle I would think your OK . I would also think that your overheating condition will occur at colder temps . My Dodge overheated while traveling over the road with the plow. I researched the problem and found Dodge had a TSB addressing the problem . The fix was to install a fan clutch they had available that locked up at a lower temp . I have had no problems since
  3. wxmn6

    wxmn6 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,037

    That's odd, never heard of 2500HD having problem with overheating. (not that I know of). I have heard from a few members saying that they have absolutely no problem when travelling at high speed with plow mounted on their 2500HDs. I drove my 8' Fisher blade on an hour drive back home (all highway speed) on a sunny 80 degrees day with plow partly angled and partly lowered, and the needle on temperature gauge never moved above temperature as if I were driving it without plow on it.

    However, since yours is one time incident, I would doubt that it does any damage to your truck, according to the info. you just said.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2003
  4. Rippem

    Rippem Junior Member
    Messages: 9

    Agreed on the H.D....Something else happened here (stuck t-stat?) OR at that speed 45 for an extended time there wasn't enough air getting around the blade. I've carried my blades around some over the years on a number of different full size GM's and not ever over heated. This fella has got to master the art of moving the blade around while underway also staying out of OD sometimes helps at certian moderate speeds. You can tweak the blade position at highway speeds or pull back into 3rd and move the blade around at slower speeds and watch the temp drop immediately on the guage....if your good :D
  5. Adams plowing

    Adams plowing Senior Member
    Messages: 195

    Its probaly didnt do any damage. but if it happens again your better to jsut stop lower your blade and let it idle for a few minutes to let it cool down properly.
  6. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    As long as you didn't boil it over,it should be fine.Any truck will run hot with a blade on in the warmer weather.As long as it doesn't do it all the time when it's cold out,I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  7. eyeflyfish

    eyeflyfish Junior Member
    from maine
    Messages: 6

    Thanks for the replies, i'm told the fan clutch is suspect and should be replaced.
  8. mdb landscaping

    mdb landscaping Senior Member
    Messages: 823

    my duramax temp will not budge at all. i could drive 90 mph with the plow on all day long and the temp still wont move. even during the summer months when im drag racing the thing, the temp wont move......best truck ever!

    Messages: 110

    I just bought a new 2500HD and drove it 40 miles on the freeway from the dealership. I watched the temp very closley cause i thought it would over heat? Nothing of the sort! It stayed at 195-197 the whole trip at 75 mph! I have a 85 chevy and it would over heat alittle at times, I just took off the clutch fan and put a standard 6 blade solid fan. It cooled it down alittle, not much but it helped, still wierd that a 2500hd getting hot??? Here is mine!

    picture 319.jpg
  10. roblandscape

    roblandscape Senior Member
    from Phila
    Messages: 187

    procuts loves that new truck.......... He should its pretty nice, but my truck is nicer
  11. roblandscape

    roblandscape Senior Member
    from Phila
    Messages: 187

    here it is

  12. Adams plowing

    Adams plowing Senior Member
    Messages: 195

    both of you have nice looking trucks

    Messages: 110

    Ill give you equal, but i dont know about nicer! My truck sites better with the plow than yours does just sitting there! but anyways its a GMC so thats all that matters!!!!! What year is your older truck in the backround? Mine is a 85 and its almost as clean as my 04!!!!! :D