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Old 02-21-2007, 11:58 PM
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Custom Jack Stand?

Kind of funny. Apparently, my front tires were low at the time I had my plow installed at the dealership, but I didn't notice this, and neither did the mechanic at the dealership.
Turns out the tires were lower than they should have been but they appeared to be normal. I recently checked my front tires with a pressure gauge after a recent cold spell and found that one of the tires was alarmingly underinflated. I corrected the problem and even had a tire guy inspect the tires for cracks or leaks. None.

Anyway, all of the height adjustments for the plow installation made at that time were based on my relatively low front tires.

Now that my front tires are at their correct inflation, the tire profile is sufficiently high enough so that the plow mount is a notch or two above the pins on the plow. In other words, the jackstand is too short now, and I now have to mount/unmount the plow with a floor jack.

I don't mind using the floor jack, and this hasn't been a problem, but I'm wondering if I can install a taller jack stand onto my Sno-Way 22? Is there such a part?
Letting air out of my front tires to recreate the precise mounting level isn't an option.

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you might want to consider dropping the mount on the truck. In my experience, the higher it is, the worse angle you put on the plow and your cutting blade causing you to trip the springs more often and you won't get to use your feet on the plow properly.
Old 02-22-2007, 04:54 AM
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I would lower the mount, and consider slimeing my tires to stop pressure loss in the future.
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Old 02-22-2007, 09:46 AM
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If you lower the mount I would sure worry about hitting curbs or dragging it on steep inclines.
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Lower the blade to the ground. If the a-frame is parallel to the ground, the mounting is in the proper position. If not, the center mount should be adjusted accordingly. We recommend that the centerline of the lower hole (it is actually a "hook") on the 22 Series sub-frame be 8-10" off of the ground (when the plow is not mounted). If your mounting is in this range your jack stand should work properly. If the a-frame is not parallel with the ground, you will get uneven wear on your cutting edge.

You could put a block of wood under the stand before removing it or even bolt a block of wood to the bottom of the jack stand to make up the gap if the a-frame is oriented properly.

Hope that this helps.
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has anyone thought about mounting a wheeled hand crank trailer stand on thier plow to help postion plow and truck and help with moving it ?
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