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Grease recommendations

What grease would u recommend for the fittings & what would u recommend for the moving parts?

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Valvoline Synpower

I don't think you can find a better grease out there for automotive applications than the fully synthetic Valvoline Synpower:
NLGI No. 2 thickness
NLGI GC-LB for both chassis and bearing lubrication
Lithium complex EP (extreme-pressure) MP (multipurpose) grease for most optimal properties
High-temperature grease
Fully synthetic Group III base oil for extreme working temperature range from -40 to 400 F
Contains molybdenum disulphide, which is crucial to prevent scoring of metal surfaces
Contains ZDDP, which is crucial to protect against oxidation of the base oil and metal surfaces
Can be used in all automotive applications for all makes, including disc-wheel bearings and CV joints and high-temperature applications
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I've thought about marine wheel bearing grease just my opinion
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I use Mercury 2-4-C grease on my plow.
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Schaeffer greases are top shelf.
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NLGI No. 2 White Lithium
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I started using this grease last year. Its from amsoil and the only product I use from them. Don't believe in there 20'000 miles oil changes or whatever they claim.

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