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Old 02-05-2013, 09:58 AM
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Hand held controller

I have the MM2 HT on my 2010 Silverado. Bought plow in upstate NY but now live in NC and am having a problem with controller. I can be plowing for awhile (when we get snow) and all of a sudden the buttons stop working. The power light is on but will not angle or lift. I shut off power and back on and everything works again. Go awhile and same thing - no angle or lift. Turn off then on and again everything works. At times I notice power button is blinking which means no communication but then does stop blinking.

I emailed dealer who wrote back I need to take truck and plow to technician to test everything. Not a Fisher dealer near here in western NC.

This is getting real frustrating since I have had Fisher plows for over 20 years and had no problems. Now that I am not near a dealer I get problems with my newest plow.

Oh, to have hydrolic(sp) pump and cables back.
Also wish I had gone with the SD.
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My name is Hugh Wilson, and I am the DD Technical Service Manager of Douglas Dynamics. I would like to speak to you about your control issue. Could you please call my office number at 414-362-3999?

Thank you,
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Checked the three suggestions (cable connection to hand held, the fuse block and working all buttons 4-5 times). Everything seems to be tight and OK.
When I used the 4 directional buttons everything worked. Funny how good a feeling when the buttons worked every time.

It was good knowing Fisher returned by call and gave me suggestions. Only frustration is not finding the cause and wondering when/if the problem will occur again. I am hoping for another storm.
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Old 02-09-2013, 10:19 AM
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How about a new circuit board in the controller?
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That is what Mr. Wilson also believes may be the problem. Douglas Dynamics is standing behind the product. Thanks.
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I'm having a slightly different problem (see my post), and even swapping to a different controller hasn't changed it. Starting to think it might be the iso module, even though the troubleshooting guide doesn't point me that way...
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