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Old 11-09-2012, 02:55 PM
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Newbie help, on costs for winter!

I have taken on a lot of sidewalk jobs this year and I am in a rut as to put a snow shoveler/snowblower person in the same truck with my driveway guy. Because he might be sitting a lot more than just hiring a person with a pick-up truck for shoveling/snowblowing sidewalks only. In one side of the equation the sidewalk guy is slowing down the plow guy and on the other side am I being cost effective paying someone mileage and hourly to do sidewalks. I just can't seem to answer it myself, any thoughts from some of you who have tried it both ways.
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Pay a commission per job? Not sure if that would fly, but I guarantee faster performance and you will not have to pay for down time!
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Keep your plow truck going

You are on target. Don't stop a plow or deicing truck for walks. Have a crew or hire someone to do sidewalks. It will be more profitable and more efficient. Why slow up a high production truck for a sidewalk? Doesn't make dollars or sense.
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