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The Pro-Tech Fold Out Sno Pusher: Product Overview

Pro-Tech GM Mike Guggino discusses the benefits of using a Fold Out Sno Pusher, which include being able to safely and legally drive your pusher from lot to lot and navigating through narrow passages.

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Old topic, but worth bringing to the top. I actually bought a 16 foot Backhoe model (Who would run that on a backhoe??) two years ago and made a FOP of my own. Best investment we have made! The cops actually like us now, and its nice to be able to travel from location to location and not worry about a lawsuit. Making another one by copying the backhoe one was challenging but turned out even better. Something about taking a gas cut off saw to a 3 year old 16' straight pusher still gives me chills though!
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Around here i dont think the cops know any better. I run all over with a 12' and have not had a problem ( knock on wood ) I also have a friend that moves his 20' 2 miles down the road. Although his machine is faster than mine, its still funny as hell watching him pull up to the lot with a line of cars behind him.
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