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Old 01-13-2012, 07:48 PM
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Why should potential customers call your company as opposed to someone else?
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Originally Posted by BossPlow2010 View Post
Why should potential customers call your company as opposed to someone else?
Hey BossPlow,

That is a great question. We offer customers the ability to book a snow plow service online without having to call around trying to find somebody who is available, and that is a fair price. With us, customers can simply go to to book and pay for the plow service, so they don't have to be home when the driver does the job. It will still go to their local plow drivers- we just send it to the closest and most available person in their area.

I hope this has helped. Let us know if you have any questions. Happy Plowing!
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Originally Posted by jwm2 View Post
I also wanted to add that it is against our terms of service to proposition our customers with extra work or work outside of our service. Meaning if we send a driver to plow someone's driveway they cannot then leave their card with their own personal details for future work. This type of conduct is not tolerated and will result in us terminating our relationship with that driver/company.
Vehicle lettering with business name, city and state is law in Michigan for vehicles operating commercially over 5k lbs. Would it be considered a proposition if a customer sees my truck and writes down my info (and calls me directly next time) while I'm plowing their drive? Its really no different than a business card.
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