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  1. 015 Mule
    015 Mule
    Hi, have the notorious Meyer E-47. The problem, Up and down and holding fine. angling one way only. Help, Please!!!
  2. Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez Lone136
    Lone 136. Do you know good shop in Clarks Summit area to work on 2002 F350 Diesel?
  3. CAT 245ME
    CAT 245ME boutch
    Hi, I was wondering, are you running ag or snow tires on your M100X ?
    1. boutch
      Hi Cat245, I'm running the nokian tr2. They are awesome. I can pull the inverted blower blowing up steap driveway. But the front tire are loaded and got an 8 foot fisher in the front.
      Jan 21, 2017 at 11:28 AM
    2. CAT 245ME
      CAT 245ME
      Thanks, I'm running ag tires on my Deere 6D, but I'm not a fan of them, wouldn't be an issue working mostly flat ground but I have a fair amount of hilly terrain, thinking of pricing the Nokians, tractor isn't used in the off season. How many years you been doing drives
      Jan 21, 2017 at 3:49 PM
  4. 1olddogtwo
    Available unless it's snowing...Then I'm busy
    1. SnoFarmer likes this.
  5. palmark
    palmark gassux
    Does anyone still have the ultra mount for a 03 dodge 3500
  6. leigh
    leigh FredG
    Fred,i saw in your sig that you were in neighboring ny in Seneca region.I was curious and found the regs from the water district in your area.Thought it was odd that your town didn't follow the codes that we do.No biggy.I guess like snow plow pricing,every area is different, Take care, Leigh
    1. FredG
      No big thing, I just no the code in my city, When they did all that leak detection thing behind the curb stop I done a ton of new water service. Made a little coin too LOL
      Jan 19, 2017 at 5:14 PM
  7. Robbie1566
    Robbie1566 deeges909
    Hello it would be awesome if u could send a copy .I go for the test in the spring thank you (rjohnson31566@gmail.com)
  8. jones816
  9. lago
    Starving from lack of snow for 2 winters
  10. jones816
    Has anyone on here ever herd of or thought about using a jjag side mount plow on a 1ton flatbed pickup?
  11. Puller504
    Retired now and living in northern KY:)
  12. plowdog
    Western ultra mount won't raise or angle, solenoid clicks, jumped term. With screwdriver and nothing.
  13. William Brett
    William Brett Pat Skaggs
    Had a similar problem with a 575 never got to the bottom of the cause but cut the wiring harness truck side just behind the coupler switched the wires round and rejoined worked fine after that, something to do with wrong harness and spreader combo.
  14. Pat Skaggs
    Pat Skaggs
    Have a Meyer blaster 750s brand new and spinner is spinning clockwise not pulling salt to the spreader any ideas?
  15. Chadcfd
    Chadcfd Kubota 8540
    Hello kubota 8540 i would like to get a price for one of your units for dodge ram 1500 please sure you can email me at chadcfd@gmail.com
  16. Ryan Holden
    Ryan Holden
    Sales Mgr for Zuidberg North America, the world's leader in front 3 point hitch and PTO technology, with 275,000 units in the field world!
  17. On a Call
    On a Call grandview
    Are you still alive and kicking or retired and sitting on a beach ?
  18. Remer88
    In need of hiniker mount 25012206 chevy gmc k1500 new style 2007-11
  19. flips87chevy
    flips87chevy FredG
    Hi Fred just wanted to get your opinion on smith electric v-box spreaders. I'm looking at a used one. Didn't want to hijack johndeeregreens thread.
    1. FredG
      Hi Flip, They are a great spreaders, Most around here is all they use. Glowing opinions from Smith owners. Still a lot of Harders around this is a Smith till they changed the name. Made in Newark, NY.
      Jan 11, 2017
      flips87chevy likes this.
  20. Mopardude318
    Mopardude318 vinnys
    Hey vinnys. Long time ago you posted you had a fog light kit for sale. PN: 82205656. Is there still a chance in hell you have that still? Lol. Thanks buddy.