View Full Version : Rule of thumb hyd. tank size

01-30-2006, 11:30 PM
Hi People,
I do not really post here much, but I read a lot of posts. Anyway I have a kinda of hybrid set up. I am running a Fisher mount with an older Diamond 8FT. plow. This thing is heavy. Anyway I had a belt driven set up for years on my 85K-10. It was the typical slowness everyone complains about. I was sick of revving the motor and brake torqing the thing to get the plow up faster. So I converted and get an Elect. fenner pump set up. I do not like that either. I have upgraged to a 140 amp alernator from a Pontiac Transport, I had to re-fab the alt bracket. I still have a little bit of a charging problem and the plow only moves a little faster than the old belt driven set up. I have adjusted the valves as well and still slow.

Here is what I want to do. Get a barnes belt driven pump from Northern or GP that flows about 4.0 gpm and fabricate brackets and such for it(I have a full shop in my garage..Bpt Machine, Lathe, TIG, MIG plasma..etc). I will then revert back to the joy stick and spool control that I kept. Here is my question. If the flow is 4.0 gpm (the fenner is like 1.3gpm I think) what tank size should I make. Again I can fabricate all this stuff so making a tank to fit the truck is not a problem. I heard the rule of thumb is double the flow. So therefore I would need a tank that hold 8 gallons. Is this correct ?

My goal is to have a fast acting plow without revving the motor and I do not want to use a fisher pump. I have spec'd out the pumps on McMaster-Carr and Northern and the max RPM the ones I am looking at are 4000 RPMs. I know when I am on the highway I do not turn 4K with this truck. Also these pumps put out more pressure as well as flow than that of the Fisher pumps.