View Full Version : MMII Grill mounted Fisher hookup brackets.

10-27-2005, 10:51 AM
I design brackets and fixtures all the time for work. Any of you guys interested in mounting the connectors in the grill? If I see a lot of interest I'll design something and have it made up in stainless steel or galvanized CRS that can be painted. If I find that 10 guys or more want them, it's worth my time. No charge for any R&D just what ever the parts cost me to have made up and ship. Maybe one of our members works in a sheet metal house and I'll just supply the drawings. Also if anyone knows of a rectangular rubber cover that will fit the female connector please post a link. Meanwhile I'll check the net.

Let's do as a group, what Fisher forgot or doesn't see profitable.


10-27-2005, 12:30 PM
I called Fisher and Brian told me the reason they don't offer the bracket solution is...

a) The grill diameters are smaller on a lot of truck now and the connectorís will not fit threw the grill.

b) there are no slots on the female. I suggested swapping male with female on that harness and he told me something like it would be live male pin and that was not to code.

c) No one complained with the Westerns never having mounting points.

d) Mounting one end rigid puts more stress on the connector point. If it is flexible the connectors are less likely to fail.

With this all said, looks like mounting them solid may be not such a good idea after all.